Monday, September 25, 2017

If you hate the Flag and National Anthem, just keep watching NFL games and buying the sponsors products

The latest shiny object in the news is the epic battle between President Donald Trump and millionaire athletes who "take the knee" during the national anthem as a protest against police, racial inequality, and the horrifying discovery of cotton in Hobby Lobby stores. 

And to restore peace and harmony to the NFL, we'd like to suggest a modest proposal: in predominantly black neighborhoods, replace the police with "special teams" units of football players wearing standard helmets and padding (no kevlar allowed) who will humanely subdue possibly-armed suspects by implementing an explosive blindside tackle, after which they can do a happy little ass-shaking dance while judges review tapes of the play.  Read more..... 

Help us save not just Confederate Monuments, but all historical monuments across American that are under attack by the left by clicking HERE!
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