Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Of Monuments and Men

Some two years into Donald Trump's second term as President of the United States ISIS fighters march down Pennsylvania Ave toward the White House.  A White House that was vacated just one year earlier following the secession of most states on the eastern seaboard north of Virginia including the District of Columbia.  States that then formed, the Greater Utopian Peoples Democratic Republic of North America.  A Republic that had ordered the confiscation of all firearms, including those of law enforcement officers, and disbanded the National Guard.  Actions taken by the new government, so as not to offend those among the populous who felt threatened by armed police.  Additionally, the new Utopian government declared the Republic to be a country without borders.  The welcome mat was out.  Unbeknown to the new government tens of thousands flocked through the unprotected  borders of the world's newest Democracy.
Then suddenly, and without warmed tens of thousands of the new immigrants to Utopia appeared on the streets armed to the teeth.  Then out of nowhere the black ISIS flag appeared as the march on Washington began. 
As the new, peace loving followers of the Prophet entered the old capital of the USA, they began to destroy both the Washington and Jefferson Monuments to the cheers of thousands of progressive American onlookers.  However, the destruction did not end there.  Then for some inexplicable reason they began to turn their wrath on both the Lincoln Memorial and the most beloved of all liberal Monuments in the city----that of Martin Luther King.  The thousands that had gathered to watch fell silent.
Somewhere, Robert E. Lee cried!               

Help us save not just Confederate Monuments, but all historical monuments across American that are under attack by the left by clicking HERE!
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