Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cleansing” Of America Nears As US War Dead Gravestones Face Obliteration

US Federal Court’s has just turned its back on their nations honored war dead by its threatening to obliterate all of the gravestones of its soldiers containing a Christian Cross—but with this report, also, saying that hope for this country might soon be renewed as its Generation Z population block is preparing for a “cleansing” that will eliminate forever the “liberal rot” threatening this once free nation’s very existence.

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According to this report, in a stunning rebuke to “The Father of the CountryPresident George Washington, who created the United States by stating: “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.”—the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, this past week, ordered the immediate destruction of the Bladensburg Peace Cross that was erected over 90 years ago to honor the American war dead of World War I.

This shocking ruling proving that America could no longer be trusted to even protect its own honored war dead, this report continues, is made more insidious due to its laying the groundwork for the total obliteration of every single soldiers headstone in the US containing the Christian Crossand that numerous “friend of the court” briefs warned about by their stating that the US Federal Court’s ordering the destruction of the Bladensburg Peace Crosscould eventually justify taking away the crosses at sites like Arlington National Cemetery”.

Due to America’s decades long “War on God” that has allowed such a shocking court ruling to be made in the first place, this report details, large masses of this nations young peoples have been turned into imbeciles knowing nothing about religion, but in their “knowing” that life is more than just physical existence, are, instead, turning towards the satanic belief systems of witchcraft and astrologyRead more......

Known as Millennials, this report continues, these masses of mindless idiots doing their leftist-communist elite leaders every bidding have been aptly described as a being a “generation of deluded narcissists” whose “growing addiction to government” has made them the most dangerous population block America has ever known—and whose insanity has become so fearsome, even one of the Obama regimes top advisors, named Van Jones, was forced to state: “Millennials safe-space liberalism is not just useless, but is obnoxious and dangerous too.”
For anyone believing that these Millennials have destroyed America forever, and no hope is left, however, this report notes, they’d be wrong in thinking such a thing—as this past July, the population block following them, known as Generation Z, became the largest generation in the United States comprising 26% of this nations peoples—and whose future effects upon America can only be described as being cataclysmic.

To the greatest nightmarish fears the American leftist-communist elites could have ever imagined, this report continues, Generation Z is now being described as the most conservative generation the US has known since World War II—and who among their many attributes is their detesting of drugs and gay marriage, and their absolute hatred of tattoosRead more....
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