Friday, January 20, 2017

Osama's legacy was destroyed by one President, now Obama's legacy will be destroyed by another

To some extent the legacy of Osama was laid to rest some years ago as he slipped quietly into a watery grave.  Today as Donald Trump assumes the reigns of power we will be witness to the beginning of the end of the Obama legacy as he leaves the White House for his final vacation on the taxpayer's dime.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump will restore Bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed to Oval Office

Shortly after taking office in 2009, President Obama had a bust of British World War II leader, Sir Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office.  Apparently, Obama did not appreciate the leadership of Churchill that brought that tiny island nation through the war.  Prior to the entrance of the U.S. in that conflict, it was Churchill more than anyone other leader who kept Europe from coming under the total control of Nazi Germany.  The bust of England's greatest leader was given to the United States to show the respect of the British people for the alliance between our two great countries in WWII.  Obama seemed to trash that respect by removing the bust from it's place of honor in the Oval Office and incoming president Donald J. Trump will restore it.  It's not the bust, but what it represents that is the issue here.  It is the bond between the U.S. and the UK that the bust represents.     

Or perhaps the real reason Obama had the bust removed from the Oval Office was his well known views of what many have seen as the scourge of Islam.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama grants pardon to Chelsea aka Bradley Manning who was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 35 years

Strange occurrences at the White House today.  While the Democrats and even President Obama are condemning leaks and Russia for hacking, the president has seen fit to issue a presidential commutation to Pvt. Chelsea aka Bradley Manning for stealing military secrets and giving them to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame.  Pvt. Manning was given a 35 year sentence in 2013, at a military court martial, for actions that put troops on the ground in Afghanistan in danger.  What prompted the president to issue this commutation that would set Bradley free as early as May 2017?  What am I missing here?  Is there some hidden agenda? 
Maybe Obama is guilt ridden about past acts of discrimination against the LGBT community and sought to make amends with the best known transgender outside of Caitlyn aka Bruce Jenner.  This move by Barack Obama is so mystifying  to me I'm beginning to think Obama just might undergo a sex change operation when he lives office and afterward be known as Adaeze (meaning princess) Obama for perpetuity.  Hell who really knows what this guy thinks and after Friday who really gives a damn.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Former President Obama and family take final flight on Air Force One to Palm Springs at taxpayer's expense.

Following the inauguration ceremonies at the capital on Jan 20, former president Obama and family will return to the White House and be flown to Joint Base Andrews aboard Marine One where they will board Air Force One for a trip to Palm Springs, California at taxpayers expense.  Obama has managed to log some 2799 hours and 6 minutes aboard the presidential plane while being in office.  That converts to 116 days in which he visited some 56 countries and 49 states, with the one exception being Maryland.  Of course Air Force One is based in Prince George's County which is in MD.  For those who may be interested 2799 flying hours converts to some 1,119,600 miles assuming an average speed of 400mph.  Something more than 2 1/2 round trips to the moon.  Like the sound of that half trip to the moon in the case of Barack.  The question I have about this final trip aboard Air Force One is why should taxpayers pick up this tab, and why should a former president be allowed use of this plane after he leaves office.  I should point out, that Air Force One will not bear that designation on the Palm Springs trip since it will not be carrying the current president of the United States.  I do wonder if he got permission from President Trump to borrow the aircraft!!!  I can hear him now, "please Mr. President don't make me and Michelle fly commercial coach to Palm Springs"!  

Monday, January 16, 2017

PETA forces closure of the Greatest Show on Earth, animals sent to Assisted Living Communities

While thousands in the halls of PETA and similar groups on the east and west coast are cheering the closure of "The Greatest Show on Earth", millions of kids in the hinterlands will never experience the excitement when the Circus comes to town.  Cotton candy, elephants, lions, and the circus clown will all past into history.  The grand old pachyderm (elephant) will never again heard the roar of the crown, the joy of taking a peanut from the trembling hand of a Iowa boy,  or the absolute ecstasy of having a long legged voluptuous scantily clad blonde wrap her limbs around his neck.  Yes, Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey are gone and the animals put on welfare and sent to public assisted living communities.  While the circus clowns are readying their applications for that much sought after burger-flipping job at McDonalds.  Regardless of this perceived victory by those in  Elite PETA land the world is a sadder place for it.  And somewhere in the heartland a youngster and an old man shed a tear and as another nail is driven in the coffin of traditional America. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Essay on Feline ISIS Suicide Bombers

For some obscure reason, university professors who have dedicated themselves to the study of Middle East Terrorism have been unable to discern the reason for ISIS resorting to the use of Cats for suicide bombings.  Because of this perplexing problem and the urgent need to find a solution.  For this  reason these astute academics have formed a select committee whose chairman, Professor I.C.A. Ragheade, is the world's foremost authority on modified Guillotine decapitations, flying body parts, and pedophilia.  After months of probing study the committee seemed at a dead end and on the verge of disbanding.  However one night when Professor Ragheade, was in the study of his home, his young son wondered into the room and asked what he was doing.  The professor, being a loving father  gave the young boy, a "G" rated version of his work.  After which the youngster replied, "Daddy everyone knows cats have 9 lives so the terrorist can use them more than just once."  The professor, turned to his desk and shredded his report on "Feline ISIS Suicide Bombers"!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Russians are coming. Democrats have given rise to a neo-McCarthyism

Following their lost to Donald Trump, the Democrats have suddenly found a new enemy.  Well not exactly a new enemy, but one they have never taken seriously.  In fact one that was damn near invisible to their leadership in years gone by.  We are seeing the rebirth of McCarthyism---not from the alt-right, but from the left.  Suddenly the distant words of Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy are being bounced off the capital walls again.  But this time, and I should add quite strangely, the new "Red Scare" is being promoted by those who were fellow travelers just a few short months ago.  The pinko's on the left have abandon their socialist friends in the old Soviet Union and now fully embraced the position of "Tail-gunner" Joe McCarthy.  And all of this just to discredit the election of Donald J. Trump.  But despite their sobbing and lamination's Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2017, and will begin to drain the swamp on that memorable day.  

Friday, January 13, 2017

CNN institutes new Training program for it's White House Press Corp

Following the smack-down of it's White House reporter, Jim Acosta, at the recent Presidential News Conference at Trump Towers, the powers that be at the CNN news network have instituted a new training program for it's White House Press Corp having to venture into Trump World.   In short, CNN has revived the old "Duck and Cover" policy of the 1950's!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama gives rousing farewell speech to sobbing supporters in Chicago as bullets fill the air outside the convention center

Just this week in his adopted home town of Chicago, President Obama gave his rousing farewell speech to thousands of sobbing supporters who had gathered hoping to hear the silver-tongued orator or just perhaps touch his flowing robe.  While outside the building in which their exalted leader was speaking, gun smoke and bullets filled the air, as the great one listed the many achievements of the last 8 years.  Achievements only matched by the Roman Emperor, Nero.  The Emperor, who had enough strength and fortitude to strike up a tune on his fiddle as right wing supporters of the opposition burned down the city around him.  Obama and Nero have much in common  Their preoccupation with lions.  While one insisted on feeding the great beast choice cuts of Christians,  the other arrived in this country just one step ahead of the Pride with a cultivated  taste for dark meat.     

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama is Putin's Puppet not Trump as Obama's actions in Crimea, Syria, and Iran Prove

Just yesterday, the Trump hater's over at CNN and other left-leaning outlets, led us to believe that the FBI and other agencies had information that indicated the Russian government had compromising information of President elect Donald Trump.  The implication was this information would enable Russian president Putin to exert some kind of Svengali-like control over incoming president Trump.  Whether, any compromising information exist it's Truth has yet to be proven.  And should such facts be in the hands of those at the Kremlin it is yet to be shown that Trump would be a submissive subject to threats of their release.  What is know, and is quite indisputable is that our current president, Barack Obama, did little when Putin sent his armies into Crimea and then across the more established borders of Ukraine.  And after drawing a red line in Syria failed to act when president Assad blatantly ignored it, but instead bowed to the suggestion by President Putin they could handle that situation.   Now we are faced with an out of control civil war in that nation that is costing hundred of thousands their lives.  And Obama has placed the United States in the position of being little more than a placid observer to the unfolding humanitarian crisis there. 
Clearly, through his actions, or should I say lack of action, it is Obama that has behaved more like "Putin's Puppet" than Donald J. Trump.  So why is it, that those in the elite media are so determined to depict Trump as a possible Putin Puppet, in short some kind of Manchurian Candidate who would be answerable, not to the will of the American people, but to the whims of some foreign dictator.  Could it just be they are attempting to deflect attention from Obama's documented failures in the Middle East.  Failures that will have long lasting effects and will spill over into the new Trump administration and will take years to clean up---if that is even possible.  So to protect the legacy of outgoing president Obama from the mess he has left in the Middle East and around the world the media is already in damage control for soon to be ex-president Obama.  Those at outlets such as CNN are aware that Obama's mess will not go away when he leaves office, so they hope to place blame for the long term turmoil in that region of the shoulders of the man soon to occupy the White House.  Therefore, they are labeling Trump as Putin's Puppet and would have you forget that it was President Obama who was the real puppet on the string. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Night to Remember: Trump Victory Walk

In case you were not up late on election night and failed to see Donald and family coming down the stairs for his victory speech I pass this along.  If you view on full screen you will notice that Donald was fighting to hold back the tears.  I might add so was this humble observer.  This was a night to remember.  Just think about that moment on this January 20, when Trump will place hand on the Bible and become our 45th President.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

THE Elite and New World Order are Crying. Trump is President

The New World Order of Elites and Globalist are on their death bed as a new Nationalism sweeps across the land.  No longer will the common man of America have his fate tied to the whims of some despot across the waters.  No longer will American's have to fear the encroachment of ideologies that are antithetical to our values and customs.  No longer will the United States move closer and closer to a one world government.  A world in which the individual is minimized for the collective good.  A world in which the individual is little more than a mere cog in some gigantic machine.  Once again this nation is on the path set by the founders.  A path that embraces the individual even with all the flaws that come with it.  Men must either be masters of their own fate or consign their future to some unknown and distant entity.     

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chicago breeding Black Rabid Racist Dogs

Barack Obama will give a farewell speech this next week in Chicago celebrating all he has done for it's citizens and America.  Yes, all in the windy city should thank Barack for the over 700 murders in the streets and the successful breeding of at least 4 rabid black dogs who recently terrorized and tortured a young mentally impaired young man for being white and a Trump supporter.  While at the same time live streaming their salute to President Obama on their Facebook account.  While our president was quick to condemn the act of the "Chicago Four", he wasted little time in declaring this to be an isolated event that had nothing to do with the uplifting environment afforded the citizens of his home town, Chicago. 
But when Dylann Root killed 4 innocent black church members in South Carolina President Obama was quick to declare that no one acts alone and like many on the left pointed an accusing finger at the confederate flag and actually the white community in that region, as a whole as being a factor in the killer's deranged act.  
All thinking Americans should be grateful the Bully Pulpit will be taken away from this race-baiting hypocrite we now have for a president in just 14 short days.
Thanks to Hope n' Change Cartoons  for the theme of this post.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

President Trump to send troops into Combat Zone

It's beginning to look as the only solution to the Chicago shootings problem is to put boots on the ground.  I suspect president Trump will find almost unanimous support for this move.  But don't expect to see the residents in the combat zone to be waiving flags as the troops march in.  For although most citizens in that area do not approve in any way of the violence raging there, they are in fact, directed tied to the drug dealing industry that is responsible for the hot lead filling the air of the windy city.  Donald Trump should federalize the Illinois National Guard.  Put them of the streets of Chicago with orders to fire if fired on by the roving gangs.  Gangs, who members are just stupid enough to shoot at troops.  Maybe this will prove to be the best way to thin the ranks of these murderers, thieves, rapist and rappers.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Racist solutions to Chicago's soaring shooting rates

Shootings in the windy city topped the 4,000 mark in 2016 with no end in sight for the staggering increase in what is becoming the the nations most extensive outbreak of air-borne lead poisoning in this country's history.  Even soon-to-be President Trump has tweeted on this alarming statistic.  Trump has warned city officials that their failure to control this would result in federal action.  Meanwhile suggestions are flooding in to the office of Trumps transition team on ways to stem this increase in what is obviously black on black gang violence.  One such solution would have all males ages 13-39 with gang tattoos in the afflicted areas be given $20,000 for turning in their firearms and submitting to a vasectomy.  After all shooting blanks never hurt anyone.  Seriously the thought behind this suggestion is that voluntary population control of those obviously having certain genetic deficiencies would lead to a more peaceful community at some point in the future.  Stats also confirm that the birth rate among unwed mothers would be sharply reduced, thereby dramatically decreasing the out-of-control demands on the virtually bankrupt welfare system.  Of course this suggestion was quickly condemned as being racist by those politicians who depend on the gang-banger vote for their place at the public trough. 
One suggestion that really peaked my attention, was one that would have would have mandated partial lobotomies for those afflicted with itchy finger syndrome and "yo mamma" fixations.  However, this was quickly discarded after famous brain surgeon, Ben Carson insisted this to be impractical because on the minuscule amount of grey matter found in those afflicted.  At any rate, this suggestion was quickly tossed out by politicians in Chicago as not only being racist, but fascist as well.  Maybe the best idea for the eventual elimination of gun violence in Chicago came from an employee of Remington Fire Arms, who recommended flooding the most afflicted areas with thousands of his companies latest military grade fully automatic rifles replete with unlimited ammo, while at the same time closing all surrounding hospitals and locking down all ambulance services.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Will Obama out of sheer desperation Drone Trump Tower

The only way Obama can prevent this.....

Is to deploy this!

Of course this is a very unlikely scenario.  However I suspect the thought has crossed him mind.  Now if Trump Tower were in Texas and not in New York the odds of a Hell Fire missile striking the tower would be dramatically increased.  After all, in that case, he would get two for the price of one.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back Pack Glut in Texas and Arizona

Everyone knows those backpacks coming across our southern border are full of beans and tacos.  Well, that's not entirely true!  Most are stuffed with illegal drugs.  Hell how do you think these poor penniless Mexicans pay the thousands of dollars to coyotes to help them get North.  Simple---if they don't have the money they become cartel mules.  Mules, that are loaded with delights intended for millennial's, your corner drug dealer, and skid row bums who will steal anything for a temporary high that will make them oblivious to their real surroundings.   
But then every cloud has a silver-lining.  For obvious reasons dozens of small businesses have sprang up along the southern border.  Seems that enterprising entrepreneurs have discovered that the thousands of discarded backpacks could be quickly refurbished and sent south to stores where there is a booming demand.  Needless to say, these American business owners sending  these packs south were Hillary Clinton supporters and are now facing a bleak future with Trump ascending to the presidency.  I would advise these small business owners to get into what will become the fastest growing industry along the border----Cement and razor wire.