Saturday, January 13, 2018

Democrats demand increased importation of Haitian Guano

Following President Trump's statement on what he referred to as 'sh*thole' countries, Democrats are doubling down and demanding an increase in the importation of Haitian Guano.  Apparently Haiti and other third world sh*tholes are flush with an abundance of floating turds.  A recent comprehensive study at S.H.I.T aka Sam Houston Institute of Technology  has confirmed this.  Democrats, it seems, are following in the footsteps of the infamous Edmond Ruffin, a southern tobacco planter.  A planter who in the early 1800's hundreds was the first to urge the importation of Peruvian Guano.  Something he hoped would replenish the depleted soil of Virginia tobacco fields.  Ruffin expressed this in a popular book of that day---Essays on Calcareous Manures.  
It is now quite apparent that following the election of Donald Trump, today's Democrats are desperate to replenish their urban fields with the abundant supply of floating turds from third world sh*tholes.  Some of us knew this, but few dared speak it until now.  Thanks President Trump!   
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