Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Several days ago violence came to the sleepy Mississippi town of Brookhaven when two young men assaulted and shot an elderly woman four times as she set in her car in a small parking lot near the heart of city. The shocking thing was the age of the victim, 85 and the fact the shooting was done in broad daylight with the elderly woman's purse the apparent target of the assailants. Apparently, they intended to kill the victim as they shot the poor woman four times. Two men have been arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault, attempted murder charges are being considered, but as of this time the DA has not made a decision.

My readers will note, that I don't normally post on local events, but with this I make an exception. This shooting occurred only blocks from my front door and Mrs Pullen, the victim of this outrageous shooting, lived close by. I don't know her but my prayers go out to her and her family.

I would like to thank those at the Daily Leader for their coverage of this tragic story and know they will follow up as events warrant.
Friends of an elderly woman shot in downtown Brookhaven Saturday say she is in good spirits in spite of her frightening weekend.

First Baptist Church officials said Eva Pullen underwent surgery Sunday, and that they would know more about her progress after visits Monday morning. However, the 85-year-old's attitude has remained positive, said church secretary Ann Dunbar.

"We've got a minister on his way up there now to go see her," she said. "I've heard she's had some pain but is doing fine."

Pullen was sitting in her car in a handicapped parking spot in the parking lot between the Brookhaven Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and Fred's on Whitworth Avenue Saturday just before noon when she was shot four times by two assailants who took her purse.

Brothers Quincy Walker, 22, and David Walker, 20, were arrested by Brookhaven police and charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery within hours of the incident.

Dunbar also commented on Pullen's character and ability to stay positive.

"I'd be mad," she said. "But Ms. Eva's just not that way. She's a forgiving person."

Meanwhile, the Brookhaven community is still shocked at the incident, said Downtown Association representative Jay Perkins.

"Everyone's concerned, especially those who live downtown, but we're glad that it was resolved quickly and we're hoping that it's isolated," Perkins said. "But I think that you really do have to look at this as an isolated event, because these random things can happen anywhere."

Brookhaven Police Department officials said the incident does appear to be anomalous.

"It's unfortunate what happened, but we had people in those areas and that's why we responded so quickly," said Police Chief Pap Henderson. "We provide those services every day in every area, and we'll continue to provide the services that we need in this town. This wasn't called for, and we want people to feel comfortable in their hometown."

Henderson said no additional charges have been filed yet against the Walker brothers, but that the situation is still under investigation. He said, however, that police are comfortable that they have made all the arrests needed in the incident.

"This is an unfortunate incident that happened, and I'm very sorry about it, but I'm very comfortable in our safety," the chief said. "Brookhaven is a good place, it's always been a good place, and it will continue to be a good place."

In the meantime, he said he has been in contact with members of the public who just wanted to know that they are still safe.

"Several people have contacted me, and I can understand them being nervous and upset," he said. "But in a situation like this, if someone breaks the law, we're going to do something about it." Source of story Daily Leader .


hbl said...

I went to the Daily Leader and read the DA's comments on the charges. Evidently, attempted murder is harder to prove and carries a minimum sentence of 10 years whereas aggravated assault will be easier to convict on and carries a minimum of 20 years.

So, these two perps, are they known trouble makers?

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah how tragic and telling of our world Ron..sigh.

Teresa said...

This is utterly sickening and tragic--what this elderly woman was put through. Thank goodness they caught the creeps.

MathewK said...

Goes to show there is evil out there. My thoughts and prayers for that poor woman.

If it's any consolation, at least there is a good chance they'll spend a long time in jail. Out here, they wouldn't get more that 3 or 4 years if we're lucky.

Matt said...

Man, that is just cold. To try to kill an elderly lady for her purse. I hope the DA does what is right here.

That lady will be in our prayers.

christian soldier said...

so glad she was not killed--
as for the 'perps'---I believe in the death penalty--

Unknown said...

This is a horrific story Ron. When something like this happens close to home it can be nerveracking, you always think it happens somewhere else.
It seems like thes thugs must have wanted to kill someone, if it was just a robbery they could have stolen her purse without a shot fired. I am afraid that this is an indictment on our society as a whole, we see more and more of this every day. I hope these people are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Unknown said...

Wow what cowards, to attack an 85 year old woman and have to use a gun. I hope they have an extra special experience in prison!
I just hope the poor woman pulls through all of this.

Right Truth said...

Oh my goodness, and this happened so close to you. Terrible.

Right Truth