Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mexican Presidente Pena Nieto cuts One Billion Dollar check to build Trump's Wall

Trump did not return from Mexico City today empty handed.  Seemed Presidente Pena Nieto cut the American Republican Presidential candidate a check for a whopping one billion dollars to lay the ground work for the Great Wall of Trump which would extend from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  Just joking folks, but just couldn't resist! 

Homeland Security to take charge of elections, Is fix for Hillary in?

After reports that several state election sites had been hacked by what the FBI is calling foreign governments there could be some covert plan for Obama's DHS to take charge of the 2016 elections.  This move, would of course, insure the election of Hillary Clinton as the next president.  As Donald Trump's poll numbers begin to rise, which they seem to be doing now, the possibility of federal intervention in the electoral process to insure that Hillary wins, is becoming more likely.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

According to Hillary Clinton Campaign Ignorant voters are the key to winning

According to Democratic National Committee emails leaked by Wikileaks the Clinton Campaign believes that ignorant voters are a key voting block for their party.  Damn who would have guessed!  I do wonder what demographic group has the largest numbers of these voters.  At first, I leaned toward the Afro-American voter, but upon some reflect I decided on university millennials!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Racist Image is one that Contains a Black Person

Just think if this little cute little girl had been black, few would have posted it for fear of being labeled a racist by the PC police.  And almost everyone thought the election of Barack Obama (first black president) would bring about a new era in race relations.  The truth is, this particular president, seemingly has done everything in his power to make things worse!  Perhaps this will be his legacy.  However, it could be one he secretly embraces.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sprinkle Salt on a Bird's Tail or Dangle Food Stamps in front of Democrat

I remember as a young boy, being told by mother that sprinkling salt on a bird's tail would enable me to catch him.  Of course as the years went slowly bye I realized this had to be untrue.  After all what did mother know.  Then a few more years passed and I saw the truth in what mother had said.  After all if you get close enough to salt the bird's tail you can catch it.  It was never about the salt!!  Birds are one thing and Democrats something else.  I've been told that to catch a Democrat you only need dangle food stamps in front of him.  Now I wonder is there some correlation between the salt and food stamps?  Seems that progressive politicians figured this out years ago.  Truth is the salt is nothing like the food stamps.  See, the salt will not attract the elusive bird.  But ah, the food stamps will lure in all those less than astute people who believe you can get something for nothing! 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

KKK Grand Dragon endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Will Quigg, the Grand Dragon, of the California Chapter of the KKK has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  Quill, explained his endorsement in the way, "Clinton is saying one thing to get elected, but once in office her true colors will emerge and once President she will protect our borders and strongly support our Second Amendment rights.  When asked why he would believe such seemingly strange contradicts by Hillary----he noted that Hillary was one of the best liars in American History.  We must note, that as of the time of this posting Hillary Clinton has not denounced the endorsement of this renown Klan leader!  Come on gal, don't take longer than Trump needed to reject the endorsement of David Duke!  Personally I think both David Duke and Will Quigg really cares which of the two candidates wins in November.  Both were only out to garner support for their causes and perhaps gain a few more followers!  But then the, less than honorable lying lady from Chappaqua decided she should make an issue, to strengthen voter turn out in black precincts in November.   Source of story!

Friday, August 26, 2016

What is Hillary hiding beneath that disgusting $12,000 dollar outfit she wears

One must wonder what the Lady from Chappaqua is hiding beneath those baggie $12,000 dollar outfits she sports.  Could it be another hidden server containing secret emails confirming her stealth Tete-a-tete with a Tibetan Monk or just perhaps a slab of bacon she lifted from the local Walmart.  At any rate she is obviously going to great lengths to conceal something from her adoring public.  Sadly we will never know, but actually that could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Because, just think what happened when Salome dropped that seventh and final veil, a man literally lost his head!  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hooker Hillay: Soliciting for cash on Rodeo Drive and Wall Street

Hillary is looking more and more like a hooker  in search of that easy mark on Wall Street and Rodeo Drive.  What is the old bag from Chappaqua selling---it can't be her physical wares, just ask Bubba so it must be something else. Has the old gal gone back to the days when she and Bill lived in the White House and tried to rent out the Lincoln Room to wealthy johns or is it something far more obvious.  Yes it is!  These so-called johns are in reality Hillary's pimps who are just using her to make more money for themselves.  It may turn out that poor Hillary is just a victim of some lecherous pimp out to get more blow to suck up his ole snout!      

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Colin Powell denies Hillary's Tall Tale about Emails

H/T to Hope n' Change Cartoons
How many times have you hear both the Lady from Chappaqua and her minions in the press blame in someway, the former Secretary of State, Colin Powell for the missteps Hillary made in setting up a private email system for her State Department business.  Didn't the former First Lady tell us time and time again that Colin Powell informed her that he conducted official business by using private emails.  Implying that pronouncement by Colin was the reason she set up the private server in her basement.  Now however, General Powell is claiming that her Highness, set up that private system at least a year before he had any conservation with her on that subject.  And that she was now trying to blame him for that fiasco!  Well what else could one expect from this woman.  After all, it was little Hillary Rodham, who as an innocent 10 year old first coined that famous phrase, "but teacher, the dog ate my homework"!
Also posted at Obama Cartoons

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clinton Foundation just a Piggy Bank for Bill and Hillary to steal from

Bonnie and Clyde were small fish when compared to Bill and Hillary.  After all they had to stick up other people's banks whereas Bill and Hillary have their own private one.  A bank stuffed full of money pouring in from the Middle East dictatorships.  Dictatorships where women are seen as little more than goats and camels.  Those gulf kingdoms giving millions to the Clinton Foundation expect something in return---after all if they were truly in a charitable mood they would give their oil money to charity organizations where most of the money actually goes to helping the poor.  The Clinton Foundation reluctantly only gives about 10% of its collected funds for actual charitable works.  The remaining 90% goes to paid the lavish salaries of its board members---primarily Bill, Hillary, and of course Chelsea, along with many old friends.  Then what ever remains is written off as traveling expense, lodging, and those fancy meals complete with Russian Caviar and expensive champagne but not dancing girls as that would be too must even to the most ardent Clinton supporters!

The Foundation along with the Clinton's is now coming under intense scrutiny by Congress and those few members of the press not in the Clinton camp as thousands of new emails are found.  Emails that Hillary claimed she had turned over to the FBI and State Department.  Apparently Secretary Clinton lied again, but then that's old news so who really cares?  Certainly not those in the media.  Let's face a simple truth.  It is quite obvious that "Pay for Play" was running rampant in Hillary's State Department.  Something that is against the law.  Something you and I would go to jail for if caught.  However, let us face a hard truth---Hillary will not be punished in any way by the Obama Justice Department.  And as usual, like the stain on the blue dress, these transgressions will be over-looked by an adoring press and staunch Hillary supporters.  And so it is, in today's America.  Folks, enjoy what's left of the nation of your fathers, because you children and grandchildren will not!        

Monday, August 22, 2016

U.S. Sailor get 1 year in Prison for lesser offense than Hillary Clinton committed

Kristian Saucier a 22 year old Machinist aboard a Nuclear Submarine was sentenced to 1 year in prison with 3 years of electronic monitoring after release and a less than honorable discharge for taking 6 photos of classified areas aboard his submarine.  Kristian wanted the photos to show his family where he worked.  No evidence came forth at the trial that he had any intention of passing the images to some hostile power.  Kristian's biggest mistake was not changing his name to "Clinton" before snapping what turned out to be harmless images.  Double standard?  You bet your ass!!!!  His life has been destroyed while Hillary escapes scott free for what was obviously a more serious violation of national security.  Stop and think about this, Kristian Saucier will be sitting in a federal prison somewhere while Hillary Rotten Clinton is sworn in as President of the United States should she win the election.  If this doesn't make you madder that hell then nothing will.  This in not my America! 
Better image of Kristian Saucier
More than any other recent case, this one proves that Lady Justice is not blind.  Both Bill and Hillary have shown they are above the laws that the rest of us poor peons have to follow!  This 22 year old service man probably has done more for his country in his short life than that bitch from Chappaqua has done in her 70+ years!  Just think, because of his less than honorable discharge this naive young man will never be able to hold a government job while the portrait of President Hillary Clinton could hang in the White House.   

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dancing to Louisiana Zydeco

I was born and raised in Louisiana and as a young man spent many a Friday and Saturday nite listening and dancing to traditional and Cajun Zydeco music across the southwestern part of the state.  Too old to cut the muster any more, but damn the memories of that time are great.  Just taking a break today from all that political crap I usually write about!   

Saturday, August 20, 2016

If Trump supporters are Racist then Hillay supporters are Liars and Criminals

Many of the lost souls on the left are totally convinced that Donald Trump supporters are Racist.  They are spurred on in this belief by some media commentators who see almost any white man (especially one like Donald) as part of that mythical white privileged class who is out to keep the blacks and browns of this world under their racist thumbs.  Because in the liberal world of the left almost anything said can in some way be determined to be racist.  The list of forbidden words and phrases that can be considered racist has grown exponentially  over the past few years.  Seems it's getting to the point that many over sensitive Americans are afraid to express themselves in public for fear of being label with that dreadful "R" word.  On the other hand, those on the political right have not yet reached the point of calling Hillary Clinton supporters liars and even criminals.  However, lying is certainly more in vogue these days than in decades past.  We all know the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.  I suspect if we were to call Hillary supporters liars, they would wear that as a badge of honor.  We've reached a sad point in this country.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Drunken Frankenhillary

Rumors are running rampant about the medical condition of Hillary Clinton.  And with the candidate taking four days off from the grueling campaign this close to election voting which begins in just a few weeks only adding fuel to those rumors.  Unidentified sources have confirmed that Hillary is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.  Seems that the Clinton Foundation is putting pressure on Planned Parenthood to provide certain body parts while at the same time a "pay for play" agreement has been reached with the Jim Beam Distilleries to provide large quantities of a certain "precious bodily fluid".  A fluid that is absolutely essential for candidate Clinton in this pressure cooker campaign season.  It is becoming clear that Frankenhillary is little more than a conglomerate consisting of a little Marx, Alinsky, and Planned Parenthood mixed with a large portion of that Precious Bodily Fluid from Jim Beam.  In Hillary's case the most vital ingredient of all!     

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Media sees Brobdingnagian Faults of Trump and Lilliputian Flaws of Hillary

If you have read "Gulliver's Travels", like most you probably recall Gulliver's trip to Lilliput (land of the little people).  There the author, Jonathan Swift is pointing out the petty faults of people, much like the media of today is brushing over what they see as the little flaws of Hillary Clinton.  And then in another part of his novel which you may have missed,  Swift has Gulliver traveling to the land of the giants Brobdingnag, (land of the giants).  Here he is holding up a magnifying glass so that all the flaws of men are revealed.  This reminds me of how those in the media are looking at Donald Trump.  They want to magnify his flaws while, at the same time, minimizing those of Hillary Clinton.   

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Words of Wisdom from a Democrat, "Homicide is the leading cause of Murders in America

Shelia Jackson Lee, U.S. House member representing the Texas 18th Congressional District (Houston inner city area).  A Congresswoman who is known for her outlandish statements.  Even in the Lone Star state we have idiots.  But then one must consider the fact that she graduated from Jamaica High School in Queens, New York.  Perhaps that's the reason for her astounding ignorance.  The last time I checked Murder and Homicide were the same thing, but then I'm not a lawyer like Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee.  What is it with these women who bear two last names:  Shelia Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and don't forget Hillary Rodham Clinton!  

Monday, August 15, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton a stealth Co-Founder of ISIS

Donald Trump has been tared and feathered by those in the Main Stream Media for daring to say that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were Co-founders of ISIS/ISIL.  Of course Trump was using sarcasm when he made this statement.  But it should be noted that it was Hillary and her boss, when she was Secretary of State who instituted policies that lead to the formation of that blood-thirsty band of radical Islamic terrorist more than any of that small band of killers who signed the original ISIS/ISIL Charter.  Of course, those Hillary Supporters in the media would have you forget that bit of history.  It was both Hillary and Barack who helped arm Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra which eventually morphed into ISIS.  The arming of Syrian Islamic rebels to fight the government of Syria's secular president, Bashar Al-Assad was the Clinton/Obama motive for these actions.  Similar moves against secular governments in the Middle East such as those in both Egypt and Libya, in the wake of the Arab Spring, lead to the overthrow of essentially neutral or pro western regimes in those countries.  Fortunately in Egypt, a strong secular military was able to bring radial Islamist under control.  This was not the case in Libya.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, by allying themselves with Islamic radicals in order to overthrown secular governments in the Middle East have contributed more than any thousand of Islamic Killers to the rise of ISIS.  And should these two co-conspirators be awarded the MVP by that Band of Killers, I must say it would be most fitting.

You may watch Donald Trump's speech today (8-15-16 at 2 PM EST) live from Youngstown State University on his plan to destroy ISIS!      

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Syrian Refugee kills woman in Southern city with Machete

Residents in a small quiet southern city were in shock today as they learned that a Syrian refugee had killed one of their own in a vicious machete attack.  Despite incidents like this Hillary Clinton has reaffirmed her desire to bring in even more refugees from war-torn Syria.  Sorry, did I forget to mention that the southern city was the town of Reutlingen, Germany located in the southern part of that country.  Just a preview of coming attractions should Hillary's immigration policy be put into effect.  A policy that would admit many more Syrians than the Obama administration is currently allowing.  Sorry for the deception, but it's sometime necessary to drive home a point!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Democrats call Hispanics "Taco Bowl Voters"

Recently revealed emails show that some in the Democrat National Committee just might be racist.  After all they referred to Hispanics as "Taco Bowl Voters"!  One must wonder what would happen to Donald Trump were he to use that same phrase?  Lynching would be revived by the Knights of Zapata Klan! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

CENTCON Analyst played down ISIS Threat

In a shocking just released report it has been revealed that top analyst at CENTCOM played down the threat posed by ISIS.  CENTCOM is the military command center for the Middle East.  It now appears that analyst there were in effect trying to put "lipstick on a pig".  Were these analyst simply trying to please their immediate superiors or did orders come down from the very top for them to change their reports to conform to the pollyannaish view of the world those in the White House seem to adhere to!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump accused of promoting violence while Democrats prove they are Violent

For months now we have heard the voices in the Main Stream Media and Democrats accuse Donald Trump of promoting violence.  These voices reached a fever pitch yesterday when they accused him of calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.  But then you seldom hear the truth from those in the media, but instead a twisted view of what is reported to be true.  The truth is that in this election cycle it is those on the left who again and again have proved they are the masters of violence.  Violence against Trump supporters and even an assassination attempt against the candidate himself has shown that the left is vastly more violent than those on the right.  However, violent acts by those on the right are akin to man biting dog, which makes them more news worthy whereas the same act by those on the left is seen as common place and of little interest to the general populous.  But that does not excuse the media for not reporting the violent acts.  And we must realize the media is driven for the most part, by a deep desire to see Donald Trump defeated in the upcoming election and Hillary Clinton elected President.  Consequently, certain truths are repressed and favorable lies promoted sanitized by those in a bias press.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Clinton emails may have lead to execution of top Iranian Scientist, Shahram Amiri

Just last week a top Iranian Nuclear scientist was hung in Tehran.  Shahram Amiri was  executed by the Iranian government after being found guilty of spying for the United States.  Today the question many in this country are asking is were classified emails concerning the actions of Amiri used by the Iranian's responsible in some way, for him receiving the death penalty from the Islamic State!  Or to put it more bluntly, did Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and her careless handling of top secret documents lead to the death of this man by a hangman's rope!  I seriously doubt, that question will ever be answered.  After all the Clinton's are like cats in the litter box when it comes to covering up their $hit!

Monday, August 8, 2016

What if a President Hillary has a Short Circuit when near that Nuclear Button

Hillary Clinton and her many surrogates keep telling us how dangerous it could be to have Donald Trump near that doomsday nuclear button.  Of course that is all just campaign talk directed at putting fear in the mind of the voters.  But just this past week Hillary herself, told us she had a short circuit during a recent interview on FOX News.  She talks about the possibility of Trump playing fast and loose with nukes, but then in the same breath breath admits to having a short circuit.  I would have to call it a  "brain fart"!  Hillary also tells us how dangerous it would be to have Trump in charge of foreign policy, while at the same time she has proven what an absolute mess she can make when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world.  Just as the ghost of the Benghazi 4,  the tens of thousands killed in Syria and Iran, and of course the people of Crimea when Hillary did her infamous reset with Russia.  She tells us Donald Trump might be dangerous when she has proven time and time again to be just that.  With Hillary you have that known quantity---if you like it vote for her. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gadsden Flag deemed Racist by Government Agency

An agency of the federal government the EEOC has undertaken a study to see if the Gadsden Revolutionary War Flag is Racist.  Incidentally, this is also the flag used by the Tea Party.  Wonder if that fact has anything to do with it?  It seemed that a black worker was offended by it being displayed on a hat worn by another employee in his workplace.  Then of course, the individual who designed the flag, during the war Revolutionary War (Christopher Gadsden) was slave trading slave owner.  So it must be racist!  But wait the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in the nations capital honor former slave owners.  So shouldn't they be labeled racist and shut down or destroyed so as not to be offensive to those visiting the Washington D.C.  Where does this madness stop!  One thing for sure, is the glaring fact that should Hillary Clinton become President, this lunacy will only increase and those promoting this insanity will only be emboldened.  In other words, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!   

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The real truth behind Khan's attack on Trump

And now you know the rest of the story.  
Something you will never hear from the Hillary Clinton Media!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Border Patrol returns 15 - 18 plane loads of illegals each week to Central America

The Department of Homeland Security has just released official unredacted records proving, once and for all, that they do really return plane-loads of illegal (undocumented) immigrants to Central America each week.  Secretary Jeh Johnson says this unprecedented transparency should silence critics of President Obama's immigration policy!  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shades of Barry Goldwater, media playing infamous "Daisy Ad" against Donald Trump

Just as in 1964 the media and Democrats are portraying the Republican candidate for president as one that would play fast and loose with the nations nuclear arsenal.  It worked for them in '64 and now they are betting it will be effective against Donald Trump!  Check out the infamous "Daisy Ad" below!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

U.S. Pays $40 million ransom to Iran in exchange for Hostages

The United States has a policy of not exchanging dollars for hostages----no ransom.  Breaking news from the WSJ however indicates that some $40 million in Swiss Francs and Euros was loaded on an unmarked plane to Iran on the same day 4 American Hostages were released by that Islamic State.  Not surprisingly the State Department denies there was any Quip pro Quo.  However one must wonder why the plane was unmarked, why did it occur on the same day of the hostage release, and finally why was this exchange done with foreign currency and not U.S. Dollars.  Cash for Hostages.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Mexican-American Flag for Aztlan

Some state legislatures in the American southwest are now considering the adoption of new state flag.  A flag that would clearly reflect the racial make up of those states.  Democrats in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona are joining with their Latino amigos in the land formerly known as Aztlan in this long over due effort to unify the peoples of this region!  Just think, if this is carried to it's logical conclusion, the border wall proposed by Donald Trump would no longer be necessary,  And the jobs lost because of NAFTA would cease to matter as they would in fact remain in the new Mexican State of Aztlan!   

Monday, August 1, 2016

50 White South African Families denied Political Asylum by State Department

There are over 40,000 white farmers in South Africa and since 1994 some over 1,200 have been brutally murdered since the Marxist African National Party backed by the United States, Russia, China and the European Union can to power.  So it is not the least bit surprising that many farmers in these remote areas, fearing for their lives are fleeing the Country.  Black on White Genocide is sweeping across the Orange Free State of South Africa.  It is quite startling that while the Obama State Department would swing open the doors of this nation to thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees while white refugees from South Africa that have been fully vetted and able to support themselves in this country have had that door slammed in their face.  Could it possibly be those coming from S.A. are simply the wrong color. While I've taken some liberties with parts of this article I have not altered the fact about how this current administration would react if an actual request from White South African farmers for political asylum landed on the desk of Obama's State Department.
I would hope that those reading this article would click on the above link on Black on White Genocide to get a true picture of what's really going on in S.A.  You will never, never, never hear these reports in the MSM.  After all they see the new South Africa as a modern day Utopia!  I suppose to them only "Black Lives Matter"!
I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the New Government in Pretoria has seen fit to ban most guns and that in these rural areas, the nearest police are often hours away.  Under the ANC, these farmers have nothing to protect themselves against roving bands of blacks armed with machetes and determined to drive white farmers off their land.  Farmers, who in many cases who have lived on their farms for over 100 years.