Thursday, October 11, 2018

A "Force of Arms: may be needed to restore Civility to America

There are somethings that Progressives just can't and will never comprehend.  It's just not the difference between a violin and a fiddle, but a host of things their feeble minds will never comprehend.  The gap between East and West coast liberals and the American Heartland is widening.  And that growing gulf is beginning to equal that before the great American Civil War.  A division that could only be solved by a force of arms.  If the voices on the left continue their drift toward violence and incivility the onrushing events can have but one outcome.  And once again, the force of arms will determine which side wins and which is vanquished in the ensuing conflict.  Bullets will once again determine the victor.  And just like the war between the states, the side that has the most guns will prevail.  Need one even ask, which side will the NRA join?  It seems apparent that the left is even more stupid than I ever thought possible.     

According to CNN there is a Token Negro in the White House

If you just accidentally hit the wrong button on your TV remote and caught a brief glimpse of the commentary on rapper Kanye West you may have noticed the phrase "token negro" being used over and over again as he was bashed by the likes of Don Lemon and others.  Have you ever noticed that when CNN refers to conservative blacks, they almost always use the term 'negro' and when referring to liberal blacks it always the term "blacks" that is used.  I know what those sorry hypocrites over at CNN are thinking as they spout the term 'negro'.  It's as close as one can get to the "N" word without being fired.  Yes, to those CNN anchors conservative black people like Kanye are indeed 'nig*ers'.  And they literally hate them.

Enough about CNN!  Today Kanye set in the Oval Office with President Trump and later dined with Donald.  Being an old southern boy, raised on what is today often called soul food, I would hope the main dish was collard greens and ham hocks.  I'm quite sure the President's guest, that included not only Kanye, but football great Jim Brown would have appreciated this jester.  Of course, liberals would have called this racist.  Throughout the meeting Kanye was sporting his MAGA cap. Commented it made his feel like superman. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trump likes a hot one whereas Kavanaugh prefers a cold one

We doubt 'The Donald' will ever endorse this get on the 'Trump Train button'.  But deep inside, I suspect he loves it.  After all, when everything is said and done we must admit that: "That Fat or Slim, Short or Tall Donald loves them All"!  Bet the young future president was not a virgin as Kavanaugh was when he left the New York Military Academy.  While Justice Kavanaugh, was tipping a few cold ones, the Donald was tipping a few hot ones.  Now don't you just think that Trump instead of saying, "gimme a cold one for the road", may have said something like, "send a hot one up to my room"!  

Women just need to shut-up and let Democrats Speak for Them

Our know-it-all adversaries on the other side of the aisle seem to know everything.  Not only that, they presume to speak for everyone, especially women.  They almost pee on themselves while rushing to appear before the TV cameras to inform the public what all (yes, I said all) women are thinking on any issue that comes down the pike!  Actually according to them, although they would never admit it, women have no need to speak out on the issues of the day.  In fact, what they would say is, "shut the f**k up bitch we speak for you'!

Monday, October 8, 2018

The CEO of the MeToo movements makes shocking allegation

The CEO of the MeToo movement has just made what many are calling a landmark allegation against a racist homophobic misogynist octogenarian.  CEO, MS Iwish Ihadone, leveled the charges at the unidentified 88 year male, claiming the toothless perk ate her hard rock candy.  Somehow, I'm forced to believe that rock candy is the hardest thing to every cross the lips of the CEO.  

A strange new 'MeToo' Bird emerges from the Washington Swamp

When Brett Kavanaugh meets his fellow Justice Clarence Thomas, remember both have been a target of a "high tech lynch mob", and could have had their necks stretched by America's new KKK (a Democrat Party that's been usurped by the "MeToo movement, ANTIFA and other groups on the radical left) .  Perhaps Thomas will tell him, “Me too."

The Rallying cry of Republicans in 2016: "REMEMBER THE KAVANAUGH HEARING"

I can think of no more fitting logo for Republicans across the nation to use in their elections for both the Senate and the House than REMEMBER THE KAVANAUGH HEARING.  As of this time the best item I could locate on this issue is a simple and inexpensive bumper sticker.  Just follow the above link to see.  We must not let that sorry bunch of hypocrites who set on the Democrat side in the Senate Judiciary hearings forget the hateful words and charges they threw at a good man, Brett Kavanaugh.  Even one who dared to compare himself to Spartacus.  I don't recall, but did Spartacus ever grope a young teenage girl when he was in school as Cory Booker did?    

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Israeli Newspaper exposed Drunken Parties involving Brett Kavanaugh and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Despite attempts to contact the FBI prior to the confirmation of now, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claims he was rebuffed.  Apparently Bashar was a longtime drinking buddy of Brett.  The Syrian president admits he has a lengthy list of hilarious stories from the time he and the judge tipped back a few and blacked out together.  In an attempt to explain his love of 'beer' and the 'hard stuff' that often follows, Bashar (a life-long Muslim) blames not only the party-going Brett, but his English-born infidel wife Asma al-Assad.  Claiming it was these two, who were nothing more than tools of the devil, that lead him astray from the religion of peace---Islam!  In all fairness, it should be noted the Justice Kavanaugh denies these charges by the Syrian leader.  
And in a strange twist, Dianne Feinstein has confirmed that Brett turned in his Syrian Visa prior to being nominated to the Supreme Court.

Let's face a simple truth:  
Beer is American as Mon's Apple Pie!