Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Clear and Present Danger

The scandal, yes scandal concerning the Christmas day bomber is not the fact he will be tried in a civil court, is not the fact he was able to board the plane it was what happened after he was captured. After less than 50 minutes of questioning the talkative terrorist was read his rights and immediately clammed up. Yes, thanks to Obama and Holder, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab remains silent and American lives my be lost to future Yemeni terrorist he could have warned us about were it not for of Eric Holder and one, Barack Hussein Obama. I must confess that middle name is beginning to carry more weight with each passing incident.

The mirandizing of Abdulmutallab was made without consulting the Sec. of Homeland Security, the Sec. of Defense, the Director of the FBI or the Director of National Intelligence. Who gave the order remains unclear, but those in the know are pointing the finger at Eric Holder and the White House. Holder and Obama are good at goofing up as shown by the recent KSM trial situation in NYC and being forced to retreat only after losing support from some democrats.

The Justice Department and the White House must be held accountable for this failure. A failure that cannot be explained away by the slick talk of BHO and the idiot he has appointed to be Attorney General. The major mistake here is to treat the war on terrorism as a criminal matter. Even a Mississippi redneck knows we are at war with these jihadists, but these stupid Harvard educated fools can't see it until a terrorist walks through their front door with a bomb strapped to his balls and hollows Allah Akbar. These fools are not only weak on terrorism, they themselves are a clear and present danger.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osama and Obama

We learned today that Osama, not to be confused with Obama, is making the U.S. the prime villian blaming us for yet another in a long and growing list of sins against man and nature. Yes today, Osama joined hands with Obama in blaming the United States for global warming. Welcome to the "world of Obama", Osama. I do however, believe that he came around to your way of thinking long ago. Yes, Osama if you hadn't been stuck in that cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan we would know just how much you have in common with our fearless leader Obama. After all the only difference between you two is "BS". And I almost forgot, "pork chops" and "lamb chops"! Oops, I left out, one of you has to look east while the other looks west at prayer time!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Protracted Conflict and the Systemic Revolution

Still feeling sick today so just reposting this old piece which some of my newer readers may have missed. Hope I get back to normal soon. Thanks for all the get well's guys---they mean a lot.

The purpose of this article is to give an overview on "History of Western Civilization". We will begin with the city-states of ancient Greece and proceed to the modern period. This is a very short piece intented to cover a vast time--short and to the point as I like it! No bullsh*t and just facts and broad generalizations.

The city-states of Greece such as Athens, Sparta, Corinth and others gave us many contributions to our present day society--democracy, philosophy and literature, just to name a few. They were the dominate force in the ancient world, but due to internal and external forces that period passed. The forces which caused this to happen we will refer to in this piece as the protracted conflict--this is an ongoing struggle between the old order and the new. With the old order always being the stronger in the beginning, but gradually giving way to the new order in the end. This, again, is a continuing struggle in history.

The city states eventually gave way to the Roman Empire, a system which,also, lasted for hundreds of years contributing a great deal to modern society-laws, architecture and literature. But again, this system would soon pass away into history because of internal struggles and the pressures from outside forces--the effects of the protracted conflict. The fall of the Roman Empire was indeed, a defining moment in world history, leading to one of histories darkest periods--appropriately called the Dark Ages or middle ages.

The Dark Ages lasted for hundreds of years. It was similar in some respects to the Greek city-state period in that there were many small seats of power--there the similarities stop. To recap for a moment--we had the disunity of the city-states followed by the unity of the Roman Empire to the disunity of power in the dark (middle ages). Not much good came from that period-- it was, indeed "dark". Probably not a good time to live in. That period begin to come to an end during what we call the Renaissance--a time of enlightenment. But again, the "city state' form of government continued to exist fora time-Florence, Genova. It was appropriate that this period started here in the heart of the old Roman Empire. Gradually, the old city-state form of government in Europe would give way to the larger kingdoms of France, Spain, Portugal, England and others. Here we have the beginnings of--The age of exploration, the Colonial Period. So far we have seem the Greek city-states (decentralized government evolve to the Roman Empire (centralized government) and that in turn giving way to the Dark Ages (decentralized government) to the beginning of the Colonial Period (centralized government)--all part of what we have called the systemic revolution.

Before we move into the colonial period, I need to point out again that this is a continuing revolution brought about by a protracted conflict--the struggle between the old and new orders. History does repeat itself over and over again--it is systemic in nature.

The Colonial Period lasted as those before it for hundreds of years. Its primary players were Spain, Portugal and England--there were others--these, however were probably the most predominate. This was a time when power was centralized in a few of the capitals of Europe, although there were conflicts between the various powers. These struggles would continue up to and including WW1 and WW2. These two world wars will bring an end to this period and carry us to the modern period which will we refer to as the age of Rampant Nationalism. This is the time we live in. Rampant Nationalism, our current period, could possibly be one of our most dangerous times--due to the influence of modern technology on weapons of war. New nations are popping up right and left. Who can keep up with the pace--I can't! The old colonial systems have totally collapsed and the vacuums created by that collapse have helped this process along. I don't know where this will lead, but it doesn't seem to be a pleasant place. Dangers are always out there, but this is, indeed, a troubling period. I hope by this time you have seen the continuing process that has occurred--decentralization to centralization and back, again and again. A continuing process--A Protracted Conflict within the Systemic Revolution.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Very Sick Today!

Sick! Sick! Sick!
Get back when this pain lets up!!

State of the Onion Address

I watched the State of the Union speech tonight as did dozens of others. And just as I suspected it sounded more like a campaign speech than a truly state of the union speech. Obama failed to move to the center as many thought he might. We've seen this before with Biden and Nancy sitting behind the great one and Nancy popping out of her seat every few minutes as if prodded by a hot iron and Joe Biden shaking his head in approval of every word that flowed from the TOTUS to the mouth of the great orator. Yes, the campaign for the off year elections is on and the number one campaigner is Barack, despite the fact that he scolded both party's for being in campaign mode all the time---this guy has got some nerve and must think we all are stupid. Again, he is trying to sell his magic elixir that is a cure all for the nations ills. He thinks he can do it again, he thinks he can continue to peddle his wares despite the fact that voters in PA, VA and MA have rejected his sells pitch. He just doesn't understand that we get it and continues to blame us for not buying what he is trying to force on us. I could go on and on and never get anywhere just as Barack did, so I will spare you the nonsense. I will leave you with this short satirical piece I can across yesterday at The Born Again Americans a great site that I visit daily.
Thank you. Emeril Lagasse thank you. Thank you very much. Paula Dean, Mr. Tyler Florence, Distinguished Members of the Food Network, honored guests and fellow citizens:

Today marks my first State of the Onion address to you, a culinary duty as old as our appetite itself.

Julia Child began this tradition in 1965 after reminding the nation that the destiny of self-indulgence and the "preservation of the sacred fire of halitosis" is "finally staked on the experiment encrusted in the pallets of the American people." For our friends in the press, who place a high premium on accuracy, let me say: l did not actually hear Julia Child say that, but it is a matter of historic record. (the preceding was a shameless adaptation of our last great president, Ronald Reagan's 1st State of the Union address)

So as I sit before you, allow me to reaffirm to you the American public that today indeed our "Onion" is in a great "State"... Unlike others that will remain nameless, our "Onion" with very little peeling becomes quite transparent. I must admit that I sometimes get teary eyed when working with our "Onion", as I'm reminded just how far we have come... I must warn you against those green or spring "Onions" as they deep down are real scallions... There are some "Onions" that are real pearls, others are sweet and some are blooming, but our red or Spanish "Onions" translate into great flavor... We have the white and brown "Onion" while the vidalia "Onion" is truly representative of our southern states... Though perhaps not normally considered an "Onion" you might want to take a leek... (try working that into a speech)...

So in closing, allow me to say "God Bless and Long Live Our Onion"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Curtain Calls Tonight Barack!

Get ready for the the slight of hand that is coming tonight in the State of the Union speech. Yes, Obama will appear to have heard the voice of the people and will call for a three year spending freeze on all discretionary spending. What Obama calling for a spending freeze what does it mean? Are we out of money? Yes we are! Have the Chinese finally cut us off? Maybe, who knows---it would never be made public if true. Has Obama heard the people? Yes, you bet, but is he listening and did he get the message---hell no! So what's really cooking in the Oval Office? What kind of witches brew is being made to lull the American people to sleep or put them in that 2008 trance again.

Well tonight we will get the story, not the full story, for we only will hear those things which Obama and company want us to. Those things Barack thinks will satisfy us for the moment. Things that he hopes will placate us until after the fall elections. This speech tonight will be political and has nothing to do with the welfare of the nation. It is the welfare of Obama and gang that is the concern, but his smooth flowing words will hide that truth and many will buy what this snake-oil salesman is peddling. I will watch this show tonight knowing it is just theatre and Obama is just for the moment, the leading man in a show that's already a flop! After all, if a show doesn't play well in Boston it never makes it to Broadway. Sorry, No Curtain Calls Tonight Barack!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Biden and Blackwater

Recently a federal judge dismissed the case brought against five Blackwater security guards charged with manslaughter in the shooting deaths of 17 Iraqis in 2007. End of case, one would think so, but not with the current bunch of military haters now in and around the White House. Granted the Blackwater security guard are not military, but they are as close as you can get and most if not all are former members of the armed serves of this country. With those in the White House going after SEAL's this is not surprising. It seems to me that the "military hater's" will do anything to strike out against our men and women in the military and those who work hand in hand with them.

A dismissal by a judge usually means end of story, but not with this bunch for they will move heaven and earth to put a notch on their gun. Not a notch for some dispatched enemy of the state, but a special one reserved for those who are trying their best to protect us.

Iraq was a war zone in 2007. Iraq is still a war zone and mistakes in the heat of battle will be made. And to hold these men responsible for any deaths in under such conditions is unacceptable. When almost every Iraqi man on the street carries a fire arm and explosions and shots are being heard from all quarters these men had the right and the duty to fire back. They were charged with protecting government and civilian personal and were simply doing their duty. It's regrettable that innocents were killed in the cross fire, but that is war!

Vice President Biden indicated that an dismissal of the charges against these men was NOT an acquittal and that the justice department would appeal the court's decision.

We have become use to this hatred by the American left over the years for any action taken by the U.S. Military and supporting groups. It seems the only time the left has anything positive to say about the military is when they are used in such things as the current effort in Haiti or when they have completed and won a hard fought battle and are returning home. On those occasions the left will suddenly admit they have done a great job. But the time, when the air is full of smoke and lead, at that time they will call our brave men murderers and war criminals. During that time they will repeatedly said the battle is lost and call for retreat. Those on the American left are the "sunshine patriots" who will wave the flag when the victory is won, but during the battle they will cry defeat, call for retreat and never, never step forward to support the troops. These "fair-weather" soldiers are not needed and they more than the enemy on the battlefield are the gravest danger to the state.
read story

Monday, January 25, 2010

They Just Don't Get It!

They just don't get it! In an interview today on FOX Robert Gibbs, Obama's mouth peace, told Mike Wallace that Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts was caused by voter anger an anger that was not unlike that, that swept Obama to victory. On that point we can agree. But then Gibbs went off into lala land as he went into his hyper-spin mode saying, "that kind of anger and dissatisfaction at the fact that Washington far too many times puts the special interests ahead of the people's interests-- that anger still persist." Gibbs said, that's what the people in Massachusetts voted on.

Lets set the record straight, Obama's win was caused by the failure in some areas of the Bush administration and two unpopular wars. It was caused by anger, but anger at the Bush administration. And the victory by Scott Brown was caused by anger, anger at Obama and his policies--namely Obama Care and run-a-way spending and the possibility of higher taxes. The two elections were similar in that both Obama and Scott were elected by voters angry at the administration in power in Washington. The White House has totally missed the message sent by the voters in the Massachusetts election.

Gibbs continued in his usual delusional spin mode until the end insisting the voters of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown, not because of what he campaigned on--namely his opposition to the Obama agenda---but rather he was elected because of anger against some unidentified special interest, at this point in time probably "Fat-Cat Bankers". In other words, according to Gibbs, Brown's election was not the administrations fault! They just don't get it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Shoe Box

Day One: In a small apartment house just south of the Ventura Freeway and north of Yosemite Drive near the campus of Occidental College on a street named Destiny Ln, the owner is cleaning out the attic of his small apartment house in preparation for its sale. He is planning to hold a large yard sell the next day. In a corner of the attic he finds a small shoe box filled will various old papers letters and photos. He glances at them only briefly before setting the box aside with the other items slated for the yard sell.
Day Two: Early that day Mr I. Foundit, a name that will echo throughout history strolls across the lawn at the house on Destiny Ln and looks at the many items filling the lawn. Mysteriously he is drawn toward the small shoe box marked one dollar. He picks it up and looks carefully at its contents. His face turns white and his hands began to tremble as he shuffles through the items in the box. Composing himself he quickly walks over to the man in charge, pays the one dollar and returns to his car.
Returning home, I. Foundit, a staunch conservative enters his house locking the door behind him, quickly drawing the blinds and sits himself at the kitchen table as he spreads the contents of the small shoe box on the table. He realizes he has a treasure trove. This simple man suddenly is holding the fate of the nation, and most certainly the fate of the president in his hands. For in the tiny shoe box he finds not only youthful pictures of the current president, but documents relating to his admission to Occidental College. Documents in which Barry, now Barack claimed to be a non-citizen, a foreign born student seeking to enroll under that colleges special program for foreigners. He also finds a copy of a Kenyan birth certificate.
Mr I. Foundit first impulse is to pick up the phone and call the newspapers and then the TV networks then he's suddenly faced with the reality, the truth---these guys would never believe him! What to do? What to do? He paces back and forth almost becoming a nervous wreck. He decides to sleep on it--if that would be possible.
Day Three: After a sleepless night Mr I.Foundit springs to his feet---he has made a decision! He oftens visits various conservative blogs so the solution is simple, he will send off copies of his great find to some of the best conservative blogs in the blogosphere. He carefully makes out his list then begins contacting and emailing the documents around the net.
Day Four:The internet explodes. Blogs coast to coast have picked up the story, first a dozen or so and then hundreds and by days end thousands of blogs are posting the story. But none mention Mr I.Foundit--this was his wish.
Day Five: The blogosphere is ablaze with these new revelations, but strangely the MSM and even FOX News remain silent afraid to be associated with the "Birthers. The roar on the Internet continues for day after day and grows even more intense.
Day Ten: Finally on day-10, FOX News airs the story for the first time, after confirming the validity of the documents. The nation is stunned! The White House is silent.
Day Eleven: FOX News interrupts with a breaking story: sources inside the Selective Service System have provided FOX with a letter dated June 2 1980, stating that he, Barack Hussein Obama, was not a citizen and therefore not required to register with them. This was in reply to an earlier letter sent to him by the SSS.
Day Twelve: Finally the MSM are forced to carry the story. Eyes across the nation are now looking to the White House, where all daily briefings have been cancelled---the voice of the President, Robert Gibbs is silent!
Day Thirteen: Rumors are flying that President Obama has resigned and that Vice President Joseph Biden has already been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Observers near the White House report seeing Marine One leave and head in the direction of Andrews Air Force Base.
Day Fourteen: Somewhere at his undisclosed location, believed to be on a small Caribbean Island Mr I. Foundit, "pops a top" on a cold one as he looks at the small Shoe Box.

This is of course, a work of fiction, but perhaps exposing truths hidden just below the surface.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"All Rise"

Remember the last time you were in a courtroom and heard those words "all rise" as the grand figure in the flowing black robe ascended the throne. Probably like most you stood, saying to yourself, its the court, its the law , its the office that I'm showing respect for. Your were wrong by standing you were showing your subservience to the government. By standing you were recognizing the governments seat and not the People's seat as Scott Brown would say.

Do you need to be reminded about this, you're damn right. Because recently after Brown's shattering win in Massachusetts the President said this in an interview when asked about Brown's victory, I'm paraphrasing: "Brown's victory came because I didn't explain my positions clearly, I was unable to get my point across to the American people". Really mister President, we didn't understand, we were just to dumb to figure out what you were saying, we were just some dumb truck-driving rednecks who didn't comprehend you beautiful flowing words. Mister did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe we weren't buying what you were selling. You arrogant pompous ass, don't act like the two bit car salesman who storms backs into his office after failing to move that rust-bucket off the lot, all the while blaming the stupid customer for not taking advantage of the super deal he was offered.

Mister President you are like that figure in the long flowing robe, who expects everyone to stand when he walks into the room. Well sir, this American will no longer bow at the altar of government. You sir, are the servant and we are the masters and should you ever forget that we can boot you out. For the seat you occupy is not yours, its only on loan for, it is the "people's seat". "All Rise", my ass!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Four-Headed Hydra

Wealth redistribution is destructive in many ways, but the worst is the under-mining of a basic American principle---the right to work and to keep the fruits of your labor. Recently I got to thinking about all the rights we have lost over the years in the name of public safety and the list is indeed long. And now a new snake is rearing it's ugly head and "public safety" and "wealth redistribution" are no longer alone. The new kid on the block is "public health" and if anything it will be more vicious. Some groups have been suffering the abuses of this monster for a number of years, mainly those who smoke---the tax abuses imposed on this minority are staggering and punitive. And now this new administration with its Keynesian Economics is getting ready to turn this monster on other groups seeing little resistance to the abusive taxes leveled on smokers. They have alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, snack foods and many other things in their sights and are already planning how to spend the new revenues that will be raised. And a fourth snake is beginning to show itself, migrating from the west coast and quickly spreading eastward. This new menace is called "Protective Environmentalism", this is perhaps the most dangerous, for its venom can infect the entire populous. Unlike "public health" it doesn't just seek-out the over-weight, the smoker, the drinker, the teenager with his soft drink, this new menace has a voracious appetite consuming everything in its path--liberty, freedom and individualism. This four-headed Hydra is seeking to destroy our freedoms under the guise of, "Wealth Redistribution", "Public Safety", "Public Health", and "Protective Environmentalism" and it must be destroyed.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Have No Place To Hide!

The election in Massachusetts is telling us one thing, the public isn't buying what the Democrats are selling. The almost unprecedented victory of Scott Brown over Martha Coakley has sent a chill up the spines of democrats in the capital and they are scurrying for cover like roaches when the spotlight is turned on them. Unlike the roaches however they have no place to hide.

Coakley had remarked about a week ago that if she didn't win, "2010 would be hell for Democrats", she at least got that right. As of this moment there are few safe seats for the party in power. Or let's just say the party is over and that reality, after yesterday's election, has sunk in.

Health Care and run-a-way spending were clearly the main issues in this campaign. Brown literally turned Massachusetts upside-down in a high-turnout election that left the Democrats stunned. This election could very easily mean the end for Obamacare! It was clearly a referendum on Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats agenda. Yes, the voters in the Bay State have put the spotlight on those low-life's in Washington that usually find safety behind closed doors, this time however they will find no place to hide!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will Obama Moderate?

Many are now waiting to see if the recent election in Massachusetts and the election of a Republican will cause president Obama to moderate, to move to the center of the political spectrum, much as Bill Clinton did after the disaster the democrats faced following the off year elections in 1994. The answer here is simple for most astute political observers---he will not. Bill Clinton was a member of the political left, but not an extreme radical like Obama. Obama will go down with the ship before he abandons his deeply held political convictions. He is not a finger in the wind kind of guy like Slick Willy. Obama thinks he is right and the majority of the people in this country are wrong. He lied during his campaign, indicating he would govern from the center, but once in office he forgot his campaign promises, promises he never intended to keep, to the American people and pushed ahead with his radical agenda. The vote last night in Massachusetts is a message to Washington, but a message that will fall on deaf ears in the Oval Office, but maybe some in Congress (those who are up for re-election this year) will hear the voters of the Bay State and tens of million more like them throughout this great nation.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins

Scott Brown Wins

Tonight at 8:22 pm FOX News declared Scott Brown the winner in race for the US Senate in Massachusetts. At this moment Brown has 53% of the vote and Coakley has 46%. This special election was prompted by the death of Senator Teddy Kennedy. The democrats and members of the MSM are already in spin mode and rushing to the defense, not of Martha Coakley, but of BHO's agenda. As for Martha, hell she's being thrown under the bus for running a poor campaign. This was, as the democrat pundits at MSNBC put it, the cause of Coakley's defeat; that and the high unemployment numbers. Few if any of the liberal pundits placed any blame at the feet of the great one sitting comfortably (I should say uncomfortably to night), behind his desk in the Oval Office.

Tomorrow is another day and as always new challenges will appear on the horizon. But tonight for a brief moment we can bask in the light of victory!

Victory in Reach

Victory in Reach!

Its been a long, long time coming and very soon now the votes will be counted in Massachusetts and we will have a republican senator there for the first time in many years. The "People's Seat" will be filled by a man of the people, Scott Brown. This earthquake, will shake the Oval Office like no other event since Obama's election. It could very well be the beginning of the end for Barack's socialistic agenda.

Excitment is in the air as new Boston Patriots prepare to toss Obama's progressive dreams into Boston Harbor. The unAmerican plan he was hoping for is dying and the dream of patriotic Americans in being given a rebirth. This is change you can believe in Barack!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Revolt on the Imemine Plantation

Not too far from the mighty Potomac sets a great white house, you're thinking the White House, wrong! Its Arlington House, the home of the great grand daughter of George Washington, the wife of General Robert E. Lee. Arlington was a great plantation in its day and the home of many slaves. Across the Potomac and only a short distance away stands another great house, formerly known as the White House, but now known as the Imemine Plantation, home of the current President of the United States, Barack Himself Obama the great plantation master.

To master Obama everything is "I", "me" and "mine". But all is not well at the Imemine Plantation despite the harsh hand of the two task masters Horrible Harry and Nasty Nancy. Master Barack Himself Obama is feeling uneasy in his great chair, as a distance sound is heard, "It's the people's seat" and the sound grows louder as the voice draws near. Then suddenly from nowhere a man appears, and its:

Bad, bad "Scott-can Brown"
Baddest damn man in Boston town!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"No Barry", You Naughty Boy!

A short year ago, Obama was "King of the World" and this liberal leader was at the helm of a great progressive movement that many pundits said would last for decades and those in the MSM proclaimed the death of conservatism. Things have changed and today a virtually little known state senator in the deep blue state of Massachusetts is threatening to take the seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy.

Progressives will look for many reasons for this failure, but none will admit a simple truth, no its not his style, its not his coolness, it none of these personal attributes---its his radicalism! He is way to far to the left of the American voter.

Obama has over-reached with his attempts to pass universal health care and "cap and trade". Two things that effect every person in this country. And most do NOT like his proposed changes and see the dangers of government controls in these areas.

Health care has been the killer, and this more than any other single factor has caused his once soaring poll numbers to go south. Its seems however that he is unable or unwilling to back away from this toxic issue and it is his undoing. In the beginning Obama's popularity helped him in the great debate, but as time progressed and America became more and more familiar with the details his continued effort to push it only caused his numbers to go lower and lower.

One thing you can say about Obama is that he did come to Washington to do something. He came to introduce a new collective form of government to a nation that is historically individualistic. He over-reached and just like the little kid in the candy store whose parent must restrain him, the American people have finally said, " No Barry"!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sheriff "Joe" Under Fire Again!

Sheriff Joe is under fire again and faces a possible indictment by grand jury that could cost him his office. Arpaio's enemies have caught the ear of a newly appointed U.S. attorney, one who was the chief of staff of former governor Janet Napolitano. Yes, sheriff Joe, you need to batten down the hatches for the long knifes are out and Obama is feeling his oats. Obama and his gang will turn over ever rock in search of that one small infraction that will get you removed from office. These guys will stop at nothing to insure that more illegals will flood into the country. Don't forget Joe, this is census year and all those new illegals from south of the border need to be counted so the democrats can gain more representation in the future. More illegals also means more funds for all the social programs the progressives deem necessary in order to maintain continued support from the outstretched hands waiting for their handouts.

Joe, you are an obstruction. You stand in the way of Obama's plan for the southwest, yes you must go and your enemies are digging, digging for that bit of dirt, that will send you packing, then its good-bye and good riddance as far as those on the progressive left are concerned. Never mind that you are enforcing the laws of this nation, laws that the federal government refuses to acknowledge, let alone follow.

America’s Toughest Sheriff Faces New Fight

He is Arizona’s most popular politician and arguably America’s toughest sheriff, but today Joe Arpaio faces his biggest challenge: a grand jury investigation that could cost him his office.

“It is not right for law enforcement to abuse its authority in this way,” said Paul Charlton, a former US Attorney now representing one of Arpaio’s legal targets. “If you find yourself living in a place where law enforcement investigates its enemies and accuses judges who rule against them of crimes, you are either living in a third world county or Maricopa country.”

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is America’s fourth largest sheriff’s department. For 18 years is has been run by Joe Arpaio, a flamboyant former Las Vegas cop and DEA agent who turned a local law enforcement agency into a national headline machine.

Arpaio forced inmates to wear pink underwear, claiming the color ‘calmed’ them. He created the nation’s first female chain gang. He reduced inmate meals from three to two a day, claiming to serve the cheapest prisoner meal in the U.S. at just 15 cents each.

Arpaio eliminated coffee, salt and pepper from inmate meals and banned skin magazines from jail cells. Inmates' TV choices: the Disney Channel and C-SPAN. He created a tent city to handle inmate overcrowding. Those who complained about the heat got this from Arpaio. "It's 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents and they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths." read more from FOX

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Navy SEAL's Trial Moved To Iraq

Something seems amiss here, moving the trial of an American fighting man to foreign shores while at the same time bringing enemy terrorist here to put them on trial. The Navy has decided to move the trial of a Navy SEAL from Virginia to Camp Victory in Iraq. The reason given is that Navy prosecutors would not bring the Iraqi terrorist, who is the accuser in this case, to America to testify against the against Jonathan Keefe the Navy SEAL in this case. What goes here? The SEAL and the court must be moved to Iraq instead of bringing the terrorist here to testify. Our great leader could easily overrule this silly procedure, but he will not. Its easy for him to order terrorist to this country and give them full rights in civil courts. But when it comes to our troops, our men in uniform, well he just doesn't give a sh*t! This is our new "Coward-in-Chief" for he is most certainly not a true "Commander-in-Chief.

The SEAL's should have never had to face military justice. The so-called justice is an injustice and a slap in the face of every serviceman and woman serving this country. And sadly our "Coward-in-Chief" sits by and does nothing, if fact this is done with the full blessing of the bastard in the Oval Office. In the end, the SEAL's should be given medals and the guy in the Oval Office should be given the boot!

A Navy SEAL accused in the mistreatment of an Iraqi detainee will be tried in a U.S. military court in Iraq.

A military judge in Virginia on Monday set the court-martial of Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe for April 6 at Camp Victory, site of the alleged abuse.

Keefe and another SEAL are accused of trying to cover up after a third SEAL allegedly punched an Iraqi suspected in a 2004 ambush that killed four U.S. security contractors.

Prosecutors said they would not bring the detainee to Norfolk to testify. The judge ruled Keefe has the right to face his accuser and moved his trial. Keefe is from Yorktown, Va.

The three SEALs have received an outpouring of public support, including the backing of several members of Congress. read more from FOX

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"It's The People's Seat"

On rare occasions simple words can be heard above the roar of the crowd and several nights ago in the debate to fill the seat of Teddy Kennedy such words were heard when the moderator David Gergen, a lap dog for the Democrats, asked a question that was intended to put Scott Brown on the defensive but instead led to a memorable response from Scott Brown, the Republican candidate. "It's the people's seat".

Is Scott Brown every man's conservative, I doubt it. In a state long known for its "Liberals and Lobsters" he does however stand apart from the one that came before him, the one that occupied that senate seat he is now seeking. Time and circumstance has made Scott Brown the man of the hour and perhaps his time has come. His time has come at that moment when America stands at the crossroads. Its future unclear with historic traditions hanging in the balance. Yes, Scott could take that seat with the help of the ancestors of those original patriots who threw off the yoke of oppression hundreds of years ago at Boston harbor and founded this great nation. Scott you have it right, its not Kennedy's seat "It's The People's Seat"!

"It's The People's Seat!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Stranger in the Land

Remember the old movies showing the first white man setting foot on the shores of the New World and being greeted as some long awaited god. Remember how this new stranger was exalted and worshiped by the natives of this new land, because of the wondrous things he brought with him and the great healing powers he possessed. The simple natives of this strange new land were in awe of this great visitor. And showered him with all manner of wealth and treasure and trembled in his mere presence.

Suddenly one day the natives woke, woke from their trance and saw this stranger not as god, but as an intruder. An intruder, who would change their world, their very lives and their anger was great and uncontrolled as they tried to drive the stranger from their land.

Obama is like this stranger in the land, a land he doesn't know, a land he doesn't understand, a land he doesn't love. The natives are slowly learning that this "god" is a mere man, not a man like them, but one who would change their world to his liking. And now they are preparing to drive him from their mist.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Truth is Not Allowed!!

It is now being learned that sometime ago Harry Reid spoke the truth. A rare and almost unforgivable sin among the lairs and thieves who inhabit that disgraceful place know as Capital Hill. Yes, Harry Reid spoke the truth and is being condemned no so much for what he said, but for his choice of words. A truth will ring clear no matter what the words, but alas poor Harry got caught using in public those words which he no doubt uses behind closed doors. But all should be use to this as the great leaders almost always do there dirty work behind those doors.

Harry had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to call Obama light-skinned and one who spoke without a negro dialect! Wow! That's an unforgivable truth and in words that are absolutely NOT politically correct. What, Obama is not a light-skinned negro who speaks without that black dialect. Maybe I missed something! Obama is a great speaker and one who is clearly articulate--oops, I said he is articulate (that is racist). By saying he is articulate I am implying that most blacks are not and in the world of political correctness that's a big no! no!

Obama was quick to pull Harry from the fire and forgive him, but I have to ask, forgive him for what----yes, you've got it, for telling the truth. That thing which cannot be allowed among the lairs and cheats in Washington, that place where "The Truth is Not Allowed"!

I for one will not condemn Harry for what he said, but I will not forgive his mea culpa at the alter of Obama!

Read article here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Throw Me Something Mister!

Next month it will be carnival time again in the Big Easy, better known as New Orleans and the crowds will line Canal street and others in the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) as Mardi Gras gets into full swing. And hundreds of thousands of screaming revelers will line the narrow streets as the various Krewe's stage their parades for seven days. Many revelers will be in a drunken stupor as the floats from Rex and Zulu go by and the most single sound heard from the crowd will be, "thrown me something mister". And those on the floats with their ghost-like mask will fling tens of thousands of beaded necklaces to the waiting out-stretched hands while the roar of "thrown me something mister" booms throughout the crowds.

This year however, the carnival has started early and not in the streets of New Orleans, but in the halls of congress but the sound is the same, "thrown me something mister". And those on the floats of the Krewe of Pelosi and the Krewe of Reed hear the voices of the drunken masses and toss, not the Mardi Gras beads, but the tax-payer's dollars and the greedy hands fight for the Grant's and Franklin's floating in the wind. Yes, its Carnival time in Washington, but when the party is over and only a faint echo of "thrown me something mister" can be heard, there will be the roar of one hell of a hangover!

Just a note, some one million beaded necklaces will be tossed to the million or so party goers in New Orleans, if this was stimulus money instead of beads each of the million revelers could expect to be buried by some $800,000 dollars.

Relax for a couple of minutes and enjoy the sights and sounds of Carnival time in the Big Easy and forget about all the s**t at the nuthouse in Washington!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Young People May Be Sorry They Voted For Obama

One thing I have learned over the years is that young people do NOT like being told what to do. And those in 18 to 35 group are going to be told they have to buy insurance coverage or else.... This group of young voters was one of the groups that supported and voted for Obama in the largest numbers. I doubt they will appreciate the president taking money from their pockets to pay for something they feel they don't need at this point in their life. Welcome to the real world of progressivism young folks, this is just the beginning of things you will not like. And something else guys this huge debt that Obama and gang are running up; I won't have to pay it off, no not me, it belongs to you and your kids. Yes, you voted for Obama and now you have to live in Obama's world. I would say it fitting. So buckle up and get ready for the rough ride into your future into that Utopian dream of Obama's Brave New World.

For young adults, many of whom do not have health insurance coverage, the health care reform bill will add a new and costly expense into their budgets.

Young adults are in for a wake-up call if health care reform passes.

For the first time ever, the federal government is going to require that everybody obtain health insurance coverage. For those who have insurance through their employers, the so-called individual mandate may have very little impact. But for young adults, many of whom are not currently covered, the health care bill will add a new and costly expense to their budgets.

"The Census Bureau tells us there are 18 million people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are uninsured -- roughly half of the uninsured population are younger people in that age group," said Anne Kim, with the non-profit think tank Third Way.

The individual mandate has teeth to it, and anyone who refuses to get coverage will be fined under the health care package.

Young people are going to bear a disproportionate cost in this reform. read more from FOX News

Friday, January 8, 2010

You May Be A Taliban If.................

Some interesting observations on the Taliban by that great American philosopher, Jeff Foxworthy.


1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.

2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.

3. You have more wives than teeth.

4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean."

5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.

7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.

8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.

10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat.

11. Your cousin is president of the United States

Ray Stevens sing OBAMA CARE!

Shamelessly stolen from The Grouch at Right Truth

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Knocking at the Door

He is waiting, waiting for the knocking at the door. While all around him he feels a warmth, a feeling of security, a sense of being and the closeness of belonging. And yet he knows there is more, more than this so he waits patiently for the knocking at the door. Sounds, not to distant flood his world and he feels the outside through the inner darkness. A gentle softness flows over him and lulls him to sleep and he dreams, dreams of the knocking at the door. Suddenly he wakes, wakes to the knocking at the door. And in an instant the door is shattered and the warmth that surrounds him flows away and a alien claw grips him and the pain pierces his very being as he is pulled from his sheltered world. A brief blinding light flashes only for moment before a cold dark eternity settles over him.

Doctor A. Borson looks over the sheet at the young woman lying on his table and smiles as he says, "now that wasn't all that bad was it". She manages a slight smile and in a subdued voice says, "no". The doctor removes his bloody gloves as he stands and turns to the nurse asking, "how many more do we have today"? She replies, "four". "Good" he says as he walks out the door. The nurse then reaches to the pan on the floor and picks it up while placing her foot at the base of the container marked "Hazard: Medical Waste", pushing the small black pedal down the white top opens and she dumps in the lifeless mass of bone and tissue.

Just another day in the clinic. Just another day in the progressive world of modern day America. Just another baby thrown on the trash pile of a liberal ideology, one who will never know the love on the other side of that door. And in the waiting room of Dr A. Borson four more unsuspecting victims are waiting, waiting for "The Knocking at the Door"!

by Ron Russell

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Truth Can Stand Alone

A Simple Truth
A Complex Lie

How many times have you gone to a blog and found that lengthy post filled with dozen of links and paragraph after paragraph devoting to making a simple point, a point that could be made easily and briefly. But no, the writer in their eagerness to convince, to convert, to confirm felt he must take you on the long journey deep into the grass of complex reasoning, of half truths and a multitude of platitudes.

When the founders set out to write our greatest documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution they had one thing on their side---a truth, a solid lasting principle that everyone understood. So when they put pen to paper the words flowed smoothly, like those from the mouth of a child who is yet to learn of the lies of man. The truth in these great and lasting documents needed no supporting links and pages of explanation for the founders knew these "truths to be self-evident".

Recently, the political leaders of today sat down to write a new document on health care, a document filled with thousands and thousands of links and tens of thousands of paragraphs and thousands of pages and perhaps a quarter million words to tell us not a simple truth, but to explain a great lie and justify it to Americans. A great lie must always be explained and be filled with half-truths and complex phrases to make it believable, but the truth; well the truth can stand alone.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama: Your Phone is Ringing!

Will Obama answer the wake-up call of the Christmas terrorist. Or will he continue to bask in his smug arrogance and view Islamic terrorism as a small nuisance that can be easily swatted away. Something that is feared only by those who oppose his grandiose plans for a new America. Something his real enemy, the old American patriot, is using only as a diversion to obstruct his path toward a new order. A order than will last a thousand years. No, president Obama will not answer the call for he sees no real danger from the forces of radical Islam. To him these forces are marginal in the grand scheme of things. He is after all the commander of the most powerful force the world has ever seen, the American Armed Forces. He could turn the desert sands of the Arabian peninsula to glass tomorrow, but that would not fit into his master plan. A plan that in the end will bring global peace and a new collectivism the likes of which the world has never seen. Under his Utopian system the Arab will lay down his scimitar and the Bibles and Korans will gather dust as the new collective emerges.

Barack Obama will never answer the call of the Christmas terrorist for his calling is one of destiny. A destiny he believes is his and one that no small group of extremist will disrupt. The few hundreds or even the few thousands of deaths that these mad men may cause is nothing when compared to the billions he will save from themselves. Barack is a man above the fray, above the petty conflicts of our times, he is the one who will lead the way, he is the great trail blazer who will show the way to that "Brave New World".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ben Nelson to Henry McMaster: Call off the Dogs!

When I first read this story, I actually had to laugh, who in the hell does Ben Nelson think he is asking the attorney general of another state to forgo any legal action. Nelson has been caught with his pants down and like the cat in the litter box he is desperately trying to cover his shit up. Ben it doesn't work, it stinks to high heaven no matter what you do. As my grandfather use to say "don't sh*t in your own nest", well Ben you big stinking turd has been discovered by the people in Nebraska and the nation. Pack your bags in 2012, and prepare to return to a home where you are no longer welcome. I know its tough to be old and unwanted, but you made your bed Ben now try and sleep in it.

Senator Nelson the people of Nebraska are honest hard working people who want no part of your special deal. Honesty and hard work however, must be something you and that "band of angels" (sanctimonious hypocrites) have forgotten because of your long stays in that shit-hole called the District of Criminals".

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) reached out Thursday evening to South Carolina GOP Attorney General Henry McMaster, the leader of a group of 13 Republican state attorneys general who are threatening to file suit against the Senate health care bill, and urged him to forgo any legal action.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) reached out Thursday evening to South Carolina GOP Attorney General Henry McMaster, the leader of a group of 13 Republican state attorneys general who are threatening to file suit against the Senate health care bill, and urged him to forgo any legal action, POLITICO has learned.

According to a copy of a memo sent by McMaster’s chief of staff to other GOP state attorneys general detailing the call, Nelson asked McMaster to “call off the dogs,” a reference to recent threats by the state AGs to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Medicaid provision in the bill that benefits Nebraska at the expense of other states.

Under the terms of a deal Nelson cut with Senate leaders to secure his crucial vote for the health care package, Nebraska would be exempted from having to pay for the coverage of its new Medicaid enrollees—leaving the federal government to pick up the tab. The deal is expected to cost the federal government $100 million over the next 10 years.

Jake Thompson, a Nelson spokesman, declined comment when reached by POLITICO Friday.

The memo, written by McMaster Chief of Staff Trey Walker, explains that Nelson told McMaster that the Medicaid deal had not been his idea, and that the same Medicaid exemption would be extended to other states.

“Senator Nelson insisted that he had not asked for the Cornhusker Kickback to be placed in the U.S. Senate version of the health care bill to secure his vote. Senator Nelson told the attorney general that it was simply a ‘marker’ placed in the U.S. Senate version of the bill and assured the attorney general that it would be ‘fixed,’ says the memo. read more from Politico

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obama Reluctantly Connects Al Qaeda To Terror Plot

In his weekly Internet and radio address, the president said Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula "trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America."

In his most direct public language to date, the president described the path through Yemen of 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian accused of trying to destroy Northwest Flight 253. The president also emphasized that the United States would continue its partnerships with friendly countries -- citing Yemen, in particular -- to fight terrorists and extremist groups around the globe.

After days of refusing to connect Umar with a larger terrorist network the president today announced that connection. This is no longer the isolated attack of just a few days ago. The information has been there all the time so why did Obama finally admit what we all knew long ago. The answer, as I see it is simple, he came to realize that the information was coming out no matter how determined he was to keep it from the American people. This secret could not be kept.

Obama's homeland security team has been piecing together just how Abdulmutallab was able to board the plane. Officials have described flaws in the system and by those executing the strategy and have delivered a preliminary assessment.

A senior administration official had said the United States was increasingly confident there was a link between Abdulmutallab and an Al Qaeda affiliate, but Obama's statement is the strongest connection between the two.

"We're learning more about the suspect," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address that the White House released on Saturday as the president vacationed in Hawaii.

"We know that he traveled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgencies. It appears that he joined an affiliate of Al Qaeda, and that this group -- Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America," the president said.

Obama and those in the administration still continue to tie the terrorist to poverty and will not face the reality that's it Islam and not poverty that motivates these radicals. They will continue in this belief and nothing will move them from it. Their political correctness and multiculturalism will allow them to see no other cause.

There is little doubt that heads will roll and the blame put on this agency or that. But in the end the Obama administration will not point the finger at itself, at the one person where the buck stops. Obama will never admit that his political correctness stance has made many in the security agencies hesitant to step forward with vital information for fear they may lose their jobs and be label Islamic homophobes. This is the root of the problem and Barack and those close to him will never recognize this and will continue to place blame elsewhere.

Officials have said Abdulmutallab's father warned the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria that his son had drifted into extremism in the Al Qaeda hotbed of Yemen. Abdulmutallab's threat was only partially digested by the U.S. security apparatus and not linked with a visa history showing the young man could fly to the United States. read more from FOX News

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Un-Patriotic Americans - Traitors

Who are those that would trample the Constitution in the name of social justice? Who are those that would tear down the borders of this nation in the name of multiculturalism? Who are those that would destroy American nationalism and replace it with a new world order? Who are those that turn a blind eye to the real enemies of America while pointing to the traditional American patriot as the enemy? Who are these people? They are those in the American Progressive movement. These liberals (progressives) have now found a home in the national Democratic party and in fact, have taken over that organization. And our new president now leads this un-patriotic band of traitors who are hell-bent on destroying the America of our fathers.

The list of crimes of these un-patriotic Americans is long and growing at an alarming rate, but at the same time many are beginning to see the ungodly goals of this bunch of traitors. And now the flames of the Revolution are being rekindled in today's patriot and the days of these American traitors are numbered. And unlike Benedict Arnold, these new traitors will meet justice in the end at the hands of the very Patriots they seek to destroy.

If the language in this piece seems strong it because the feelings run deep. This writer no longer sees the opposition party in America as the patriots they sometimes claim to be. They are viewed as those who are seeking to undermine the very principals laid down in the Constitution and at the same time destroy America's position in the world. They are viewed as those forces who would in the end destroy the economic system that has served us well and given us one of the highest standards of living in the world and replace it with a system that has failed in every part of the world where it has been tried. These progressives would replace American individualism with a new collectivism that would destroy the very fabric of American society. These people will not and cannot be allowed to succeed and they should be called what they are---Traitors!