Friday, August 3, 2018

Keep the memory of Lee, Jackson, and Forrest alive: Save and restore Confederate Monuments

The above image is the removal of Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Circle at the end of St. Charles street in New Orleans.  One must wonder if the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson square, in that same city,  will eventually meet that fate.  It surely will unless this liberal madness is snuffed out.  Attempts to revise history to conform to contemporary standards has been used in countries who fear the past.  Those supporting this current movement by those on the so-called progressive side of the spectrum are going against the values they used to embrace just a few years ago.  Progressive tolerance in 'gone with the wind' and been replaced with an ideology more in tune with that of the modern day Taliban, ISIS, the Communist Party of Joseph and the Chinese 'Red Guard' of Chairman Mao.  Movements like these will not die of their own volition, and can never be subdued by the sheep in the streets.  It is time, past time for the wolf to spring.   Are you that sheep or the wolf?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Weight Watchers Anonymous preparing to open Office in Venezuela, the World's new Starvation Capital

Although the United Nations has refused to recognize Venezuela's growing reputation as the weight-loss capital of the globe; because of that organization's domination by the "people's socialist states of the world.  Nevertheless, Weight Watchers Anonymous will open it's new headquarter there.  With the new improved motto of "Lose weight the old fashion way, one empty spoon at a time!"  For obvious reasons officials of this oil rich socialist nation in Caracas have been reluctant to approve the paper work needed for Weight Watchers to begin construction on their new corporate headquarters.

A Brave New Progressive Dystopian World is coming to America

A Brave New Progressive Dystopian World is coming to America
This is what we've come too in America.  Below is a White Toddler with a Flag, now branded by the left's craziness as a symbol of White Supremacy.  While at the same time members of Antifa are seen as freedom fighters by most on the left and the Trump-hating media.

And before I forget, has anyone noticed that all the confederate monuments coming down are in those cities where the mayor and city council are controlled by Democrats.  And even in those communities, not once have the people been allowed to vote on the decision.  It's seems that none in the MSM have felt the need to point this glaring fact out---not even FOX News.  Why don't the political leaders who have seen fit to tear down history by removing monuments of fallen soldiers at least offer to give them to smaller communities where such historical reminders of the past would be welcome.  The answer is really quite simple---Democrats hate them and want them destroyed.  What's next?  Burning books in this Brave New Dystopian America.