Friday, October 21, 2016

Donald Trump allegedly fondled 14 year old in 1981

A 65 year old New York woman has come forward claiming that Donald Trump fondled her 14 year old charge "Missie" (last name withheld) in 1981 in her NYC apartment.  This distraught witness to Trump's obvious lascivious overtures toward the naive 14 year old Missie, along with his wanton lecherous stroking of her hair and obscene pats on her rear reportedly left the teenager in a total state of disrepair from which she never fully recovered.  According to Ms. Rodman, a life long Democrat and second cousin twice removed of Hillary Clinton, Missie died some three years after the unwelcome attention of the Man from Trump Tower, at the ripe old age of 17.  allegedly
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton helped Vladimir Putin modernize Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

While Hillary and those around her are condemning Trump for what is a  fictional relationship with Russian President Putin, Hillary Clinton has proven her loyalty to the Russian Bear by indirectly helping them modernize what was an obsolete and dated nuclear arsenal.  This "Queen of Lies" and double speak has outdone herself.  If anyone has slept with Putin, it is certainly not Donald, just look at the record---American Uranium mines, Ukraine, Iran, and of course Syria.  Hell, Putin should have awarded her with that country's highest honor, "Hero of the Russian Federation" medal (see below).

Hero of the Russian Federation

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clinton Campaign sending Malt Liquor, Chicken Wings and Shovels to designated Voting Precincts

In a totally predictable move unidentified sources in the Hillary Clinton campaign reveal that  large quantities of Malt Liquor, Chicken Wings, Glade - Air Fresheners, Shovels, Buckets of Blood, along with thousands of undocumented workers aka illegal aliens, have been sent to select black voting precincts located primarily inside the beltway of the large urban areas.  Areas, that are referred to by Crackers living outside those killing zones as "the ghetto"!  Apparently, this is a vast "get out the vote" effort by the Hillary's goose-stepping minions.  Minions that are marching in lock-step to the forked-tongue lady yelling cadence, "You had a good home, but you left, your right left....."!  

One doesn't have to speculate about the malt liquor and chicken wings being shipped into the ghetto precincts---that is quite obvious, but the run on shovels at the local hardware stores and the hoarding of buckets of blood from large slaughter houses has many but the most astute observers mystified.  When asked about these seemingly unrelated events as old-timer replied, "You got to feed those rotten corpses when you dig them up and keep them happy until they pull that voting level"!  An then of course there is the issue of the illegal aliens and why they are needed:  of course many will be escorted to the polling place with a translator in tow, but their primary function will be to man-the-shovels at the graveyard.  After all, as you might expect, no self-respecting ghetto resident would be caught dead (excuse the pun) with a shovel in his hand.  And then finally, the need for "Glade Air Freshener" should pass any smell test---rotting corpses in polling booths.       

"Bulworth" is a movie about a Democrat left wing politician.  One bitten by the truth bug.  This exert from his speech to a black group in South Central Los Angles tells the truth about Democrats and their black voters---give it a listen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beware the Hillary "Blob" is coming

Despite ominous warnings many continue to go about their care-free daily lives completely unaware of the onrushing danger presented by a creature with an insatiable hunger for power.  Just as the alien entity from the 1958 movie starring Steve McQueen grew from a tiny microscopic cell, that hitched a ride to earth on a meteor and grew by enveloping all it came in contact with, the "Hillary Blob" of 2016 is growing at an alarming rate.  Fed by the media, a media that unbeknown  to them will also be devoured, once other food sources exhausted.  The blob is coming once again, but not to a theater near you, but to your home.  And unbelievably many have thrown out the welcome mat for this alien invader.   
Beware the Blob