Sunday, December 4, 2016

Santa Trump to bring Lumps of Coal to Democrats on Christmas Eve

After long and methodical deliberations Donald Trump and his closest advisers have decided on the perfect gift for those Democrats who not only supported Hillary, but called him and his supporters every derogatory term in the dictionary during the election.  They determined that perfect gift to be the one thing that environmental wacko's hated most.  The one thing that, in their minuscule minds, threatened the very existence of mankind.  That terrible black substance mined from the bowels of the earth---- 

Already, the Trump organization is setting up hugeeee distribution centers in the large cities and near university safe spaces to insure delivery on Christmas eve of this most hated substance and progressive symbol  of "man's inhumanity to man".  Merry Christmas to all and be assured it will be a Happy New Year with Barack gone from the White House.  Best present this ole fart ever got!     

Friday, December 2, 2016

Plans for Trump inspired Border Patrol Vehicle leaked to Media

Protest are breaking out in sanctuary cities as secret plans for a Trump inspired Border Patrol vehicle are leaked to the press.  However, many Trump supporters are voicing their disappointment and calling for an additional 50cal Machine Gun to be mounted on the rear.  Meanwhile, the southern border in being overrun by criminals from the south trying to get into the land of Milk and Honey, before the new vehicles are deployed along the border.  Sources also reveal that each of these new vehicles will carry service dogs specifically trained to detect bean farts.  The reason for this remains unclear to some, but frequent travelers to Mexico seem to appreciate the value of such animals.  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Liberal Democrat Laments death of Somalian Terrorist at Ohio State University

This poor lady, just has to be a liberal democrat.  One must wonder what her twitter response would have been had the perpetrator been a white man raised by gun-toting, Bible-clinging parents!  Without a doubt she would be ranting about his racist Christian religion upbringing and place the blame squarely on the gun knife and his religion.  Because after all, we all know that Islam is a religion of peace---Heck, Obama and others have reminded us again and again about this.   Why do they feel the need to continually drive this point home?  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fidel Castro has now become part of the growing underground Democratic Party Movement

Fidel Castro now belongs to the ages.  But never fear he has become a soldier of the vast and growing underground movement of the shovel ready Democratic Party.  One can only pray, that his remains be secretly relocated to that most infamous City by the Bay, aka San Francisco where he can join the forces of those still dedicated to continue those grand uplifting fundamental changes bestowed on us by Barack Obama the Great.  Changes now threatened by a demonic run-a-way Trump Train rolling out of that vast waste land on middle America known to be occupied by knuckle-dragging Troglodytes.  Troglodytes who gorge themselves with red-meat, Coca Cola's and mom's Apple Pie while insulting enlightened elites, by daring to waive that symbol of oppression that bears the stars and stripes.  We have little doubt those in the sprawling Frisco LGBTQ community will welcome comrade Fidel with open arms despite any past transgressions that allegedly occurred in the proximity of bullet-ridden brick walls outside the Presidential Palace in Havana or in the dungeons, inspired by the Spanish Inquisition,  beneath it.