Saturday, January 13, 2018

Democrats demand increased importation of Haitian Guano

Following President Trump's statement on what he referred to as 'sh*thole' countries, Democrats are doubling down and demanding an increase in the importation of Haitian Guano.  Apparently Haiti and other third world sh*tholes are flush with an abundance of floating turds.  A recent comprehensive study at S.H.I.T aka Sam Houston Institute of Technology  has confirmed this.  Democrats, it seems, are following in the footsteps of the infamous Edmond Ruffin, a southern tobacco planter.  A planter who in the early 1800's hundreds was the first to urge the importation of Peruvian Guano.  Something he hoped would replenish the depleted soil of Virginia tobacco fields.  Ruffin expressed this in a popular book of that day---Essays on Calcareous Manures.  
It is now quite apparent that following the election of Donald Trump, today's Democrats are desperate to replenish their urban fields with the abundant supply of floating turds from third world sh*tholes.  Some of us knew this, but few dared speak it until now.  Thanks President Trump!   

State Dept Warns: Avoid Travel to Shithole Countries

Remember during the 2016 election when many of the Hollywood elite claimed they would move to Canada should Donald Trump win the election.  Funny I don't recall any saying they would move to some third world 'Sh*thole' like Haiti or the Central African Republic (CAR).  Of course none moved to Canada and I seriously doubt if any even vacationed in Haiti.  That said, they are now all up in arms about President Trump daring to say what they all know---some nation states are 'sh*tholes'!  Maybe they just want to import those ideas and people that generated those dystopian paradises to America, while they retreat into their gated communities.  

For years the U.S. State Department, both under Democrats and Republican has warned American tourist to avoid travel to countries like Haiti, numerous African states and at times even parts of our neighbor to the south---Mexico.  What many on the left fail to recognize is that it's not geography that makes a 'sh*thole' nation, but the people who live there who have allowed their country to reach 'sh*thole' status!!!!   
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Notre Dame students call for Removal of Paintings of Christopher Columbus from University's main Building

Some students, employees and members of the Notre Dame community are calling for the removal of a series of paintings of Christopher Columbus that have adorned the walls of the university’s main building since 1884, calling the murals Notre Dame’s “own version of a Confederate monument.”

Maybe Notre Dame should replace them with uplifting murals of Aztec priests ripping the hearts out of assembly lines of sacrificial victims with obsidian knives, since the culture that displaced Stone Age savagery is held in such contempt by campus radicals.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why are Typical Conservatives so Racist

Conservatives are so racist they actually believe a black or Mexican is intelligence enough to succeed without the help of government handouts.  What kind of world are these dumb Trump supporters living it.  And these same ignorant fools actually believe the recent tax cuts that put a $1,000 dollars in the pockets of millions was a great thing.  To which Nancy Pelosi replied---"these were just crumbs"!  Thank God for leaders like Nancy.