Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Clock is Winding Down for the Democrats

The clock is winding down on those who would have a new order established in America! The people have awakened to the danger and are about to rid themselves of those who would install a New Order and trample the principles of the founders.  Good bye Nancy and Harry, and as for you Barack you will find it impossible to get your unamerican socialist agenda through the new Congress. This is only the beginning and you Mr President, will feel the sting of the voter's wrath in 2012!!!! Get out and vote to restore the America you love this November 2!!!!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meeks and Clinton

Breaking news!  Billy Clinton tries to get Meeks to drop out of the election and endorse Charlie Crist in the Florida Senatorial election.  Politics as usual, nothing new here.  Anything to win. Not enough voter fraud here to win so anything goes! Shame Billy, shame Billy, but we expect that from you!!!!!!

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Fire Pelosi on Nov 2

Nancy's days as speaker are numbered! Wonder how she will spin the loss of the House the day after the election?  Bet she will fall back on the worn out Barack line, "the people just didn't understand what we were trying to do"!!!  Yep, they think the voters are just too dumb to see the big picture! Personally, like most I could care less what those elites think, it really doesn't matter.  The important thing is what the man in the street thinks.  It however, we be fun to watch Barack and Nancy on Nov 3!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

MidTerm Eelections

I suspect many liberals will wake-up with a big headache November 3.  That will only happen, however if we all get out and vote! You can bet that many dead people will vote Democrat once and often in the big urban areas to offset the legal votes elsewhere. Vote and kick the bums out!!!!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama Hopes We Will Not Notice The Stink!

Obama is hoping we are too dumb to see the crap he has covered America with! Guess its not his fault as he in one of these guys who thinks his S#%T doesn't stink! Sorry buddy the smell coming out of the Oval Office is going coast to coast!
 A purifying breeze is coming on November 2!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

November Tidal Wave

The rascals are about to get washed out to sea, never to return! Good-bye Harry, good-bye Speaker Pelosi; and Barry, all you will get from your campaigning is a sore throat the people have tuned you out!!!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Right to Vote, A Danger to the Republic!

As Americans we all have the "Right to Vote"! Or is it really a "right" and not a privilege?  Over the past few decades the privilege is becoming more of a right to all who live in this country with fewer and fewer restrictions being placed on those who are able to mark the ballot, with "motor voter" and mail in ballots becoming the norm and not the exception.  As a result many who are not citizens, and many who would abuse the system are gaining more influence in the electoral  process!  They are in effect canceling out the votes of hard working, law abiding Americans that respect the laws.  Corruption is nothing new in American politics, but with all the current attempts to make voting easier, the doors have been opened wide to those unscrupulous politicians who would seek to divert the true will of the people for their own ends.  Yes, voting is a "privilege and not a right"! So this November exercise that privilege and say no to those corrupters of democracy who would make it a right to all no matter what their status.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Witches, Whores and Wackos

Now that the GOP is putting forth more women candidates for office the left is beginning their despicable campaign to smear them.  They have labeled the three candidates in Delaware, California and Nevada as witches, whores and wackos in that order.  It is becoming increasing clear that the Democrats in those three states are avoiding the failed polices of the current administration and taking the low road in hopes of maintaining their soiled seats in the Senate.  The party that has long bragged about the women in their party and their so-called big tent has now seen fit to demonized the women of the Republican party and the emerging Tea Party.  Yep Barack, you have again showed your true colors with the blessing you give to these slanderous attacks.  Nothing new here buddy, its politics as usual --- nope not quite as usual, you have added witches, whores and wackos to their growing list of enemies not to mention "the man in the street'!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Beloved Wife is Gone

Barbara my wife of many years was taken by the angels today around 5pm. Doubt I will be able to post more for a while. So thanks to all who will respond. I think the world of all my blogger friends and will be back when the pain is not so great!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sad Day

Had to admit my wife to a nursing facility today! Physically I could no longer care for her at home. This house is empty and lonely tonight and I feel totally lost and confused. Will not post for a while! Ron

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spitting on Winston Churchill

Few noticed when Barack Obama, shortly after his inauguration, sent Winston Churchill packing. The British government shortly after 9/11 presented to the American people a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. President Bush proudly placed it in the Oval Office and it stayed there until one Barack Hussein Obama entered following the election of 2008. Shortly after taking office he saw fit to return the bust and return it to the british.  Hardly anyone thought to ask why.  After all Churchill was the great wartime leader of England, our strongest ally in WWII.  The new president, Barack Hussein Obama, chose to disregard this and instead placed his own personal dislike of Churchill above the feelings of the American people. With this one action he showed himself to be a "son of Kenya" and not a "son of America"!

Why would Obama shun Churchill?  Well he was in power when the Mau Mau uprisings occurred in Kenya---perhaps his homeland and maybe not!  At any rate the British had his grandfather jailed for activities with the Mau Mau uprising, a uprising that saw that terrorist group kill many white settlers as well as blacks in Kenya.  I'm sure its quite safe to say that Obama regarded these terrorist as freedom fighters and not the terrorist they were.

What is so disturbing about Obama's attitude toward Churchill is that its reflects a personal opinion that over-rode the deep respect that most Americans have toward England and Churchill. It's very easy to see where this "Son of Kenya" is coming from and who easily brushes aside the will of the people in his every action.  Did anyone notice his bow to the Saudi king and the refusal to bow to the queen of England. He shouldn't have bowed to either, but then he didn't hesitate to "spit of Churchill"!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Churchill Bust!

Obama puts his personal feelings above those of most Americans. England under Churchill was our great friend in the darkest days of WWII, but this president, this son of Kenya, has spit on the beloved English leader. I would suggest that when the Republicans take by the U.S. House this fall that the bust be placed in the new Speakers Office until such a time that Obama is kicked from the Oval Office.
Posted first on my cartoon blog at Obama Cartoons
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Little Big Horn, Obama's Last Stand!

Cartoon by Glenn Foden
h/t to Townhall
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