Friday, February 5, 2010

The Noble Savage and the Evil White Man

Ever seen those old movies from the 1940's-60's. Remember those flicks, when the Indians were the bad guys and the early settlers were often the victims. Yep those were the good old days. But by the late 1960's things were changing and a new victim was taking stage center---the noble red man, the native American. Suddenly he was the great noble warrior, the one who was as one with nature. He was the NOBLE SAVAGE. And the white man, suddenly he was seen as the interloper, the stranger in the land, the EVIL ONE. Yes Hollywood and the American left turned the world upside down and began a great re-indoctrination of the American public. Movies such as "Dances With Wolves" and the recent "Avatar" depicted the Noble Savage, that one who is at peace with the environment and has a virtual love affair with the animals around him. Animals he killed and feed upon, just as that evil white man did in those distant times.

Welcome to the world of revisionist history. The picture that is now being painted by Hollywood and new text books is nothing more than a big lie. A lie intended to make the White Man the great villain and the cause of the worlds problems. Did the white man commit acts of unjustified violence against the native Americas? Was he occasionally a butcher? You bet he was! But was the native American an innocent victim who went through the forest blessing everything around him, the plants and animals---far from it. It was the native America who cut open the bellies of pregnant woman victims ripping the unborn from the womb and cutting off the heads of male victims and piling them before the great sun chief as was done during the massacre at Fort Rosalie near Natchez, Mississippi. Slavery, the American Indian practiced this long before the white man came to the shores of the new world. Defeated enemies were often turned into slaves especially women and young children and those captured enemies who could not be trusted were killed, often in torturous ways.

Hollywood and liberals please spare me and stop talking about the poor noble savage---there was nothing noble about him and equally nothing noble about the white soldiers who stormed in Indian villages killing women and children. Both were wrong by today's standards, but both were locked in a combat for control of the new world. The conflict was long and bloody and the white man won---nothing will change that fact, no movies, no wringing of hands, and certainly no liberal lies. Massacre at Fort Rosalie

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