Thursday, December 16, 2010

Barack's Dream is Your Nightmare

Will Obama answer the wake-up call of the terrorist. Or will he continue to bask in his smug arrogance and view Islamic terrorism as a small nuisance that can be easily swatted away. Something that is feared only by those who oppose his grandiose plans for a new America. Something his real enemy, the old American patriot, is using only as a diversion to obstruct his path toward a new order. A order than will last a thousand years. No, president Obama will not answer the call for he sees no real danger from the forces of radical Islam. To him these forces are marginal in the grand scheme of things. He is after all the commander of the most powerful force the world has ever seen, the American Armed Forces. He could turn the desert sands of the Arabian peninsula to glass tomorrow, but that would not fit into his master plan. A plan that in the end will bring global peace and a new collectivism the likes of which the world has never seen. Under his Utopian system the Arab will lay down his scimitar and the Bibles and Korans will gather dust as the new collective emerges.

Barack Obama will never answer the call of the terrorist for his calling is one of destiny. A destiny he believes is his and one that no small group of extremist will disrupt. The few hundreds or even the few thousands of deaths that these mad men may cause is nothing when compared to the billions he will save from themselves. Barack is a man above the fray, above the petty conflicts of our times, he is the one who will lead the way, he is the great trail blazer who will show the way to that "Brave New World".

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Always On Watch said...

And Americans snooze on.

I've very discouraged about the future of our nation these days.