Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Clock is Winding Down for the Democrats

The clock is winding down on those who would have a new order established in America! The people have awakened to the danger and are about to rid themselves of those who would install a New Order and trample the principles of the founders.  Good bye Nancy and Harry, and as for you Barack you will find it impossible to get your unamerican socialist agenda through the new Congress. This is only the beginning and you Mr President, will feel the sting of the voter's wrath in 2012!!!! Get out and vote to restore the America you love this November 2!!!!

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Mike aka Proof said...

A) "Tick, tick, tick"
Q) Name three insects that modern Democrats remind you of.

Ron Russell said...

You've got it right Proof, they are indeed blood-suckers!

Always On Watch said...

And the GOP had better run with the mandate about to be handed to them!

Ron Russell said...

You bet AOW! They will not get another chance!

Matt said...

Well said Ron!

Steve Dennis said...

AMEN! I hear the clock ticking also and it is about to strike midnight shortly!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


The insane are very close to running the asylum.

If the pundits and the polls and the Conservatives have made a massive miscalculation -- perhaps misunderestimated -- then the inmates could be on the cusp of running the asylum for, literally, decades to come.

As ol' BZ is wont to say, that also could be the first step towards the road to one my most infamous sayings:

"Demography is prophecy."

Meaning: in 50 years, the East coast could be Muslim, and the West coast could be Mexican.

And not much left in the Flyover States.

Better hope the pundits and polls are correct.

If not, buy ammo.