Friday, October 15, 2010

Witches, Whores and Wackos

Now that the GOP is putting forth more women candidates for office the left is beginning their despicable campaign to smear them.  They have labeled the three candidates in Delaware, California and Nevada as witches, whores and wackos in that order.  It is becoming increasing clear that the Democrats in those three states are avoiding the failed polices of the current administration and taking the low road in hopes of maintaining their soiled seats in the Senate.  The party that has long bragged about the women in their party and their so-called big tent has now seen fit to demonized the women of the Republican party and the emerging Tea Party.  Yep Barack, you have again showed your true colors with the blessing you give to these slanderous attacks.  Nothing new here buddy, its politics as usual --- nope not quite as usual, you have added witches, whores and wackos to their growing list of enemies not to mention "the man in the street'!

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Always On Watch said...

I admit it: I'm a bit amused by the desperate antics of the Democratic Party in the face of the coming defeat in November.

That said, I do worry what a lame duck Congress will do between November and January of next year.

Ron Russell said...

You are right, the Lame Ducks can still fly and many will have nothing to lose having been defeated in the elections. It will be something to watch as Nancy trys to gain some last victories before leaving the field.

Randy-g said...

Welcome back Ron, you have been missed! You have been thought of often.

John Carey said...

Welcome back Ron. You have been in my prayers.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We will see them finish their careers in NOvember. I can put up with their last ditch effort to look really desperate and stupid.

Matt said...

Hypocrisy, personal attacks,'s all on display, and it's all coming from the left.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the Dems are runnin scared Ron!..hope alls well with u:)

Steve Dennis said...

Welcome back Ron! I guess the Democrat party only repects women that agree with them, if they don't agree with the Democrats than they feel it is okay to use such vile terms to describe them.

PatriotUSA said...

The democrats are throwing out
all they can in the last few days.
They have little left but the filth
and dirt they are slinging about.
Most of this is falling on deaf
ears and eyes that are no longer
focused on the words of Hope and

Many of us are past the disgust
and anger at these libtards as
they grasp at fadings threads
to stave off the severe blood
letting that will most likely
take place on NOvember 2nd.

Hope you are doing all right