Thursday, June 15, 2017

If Hawaii is serious about joining the Paris Climate Accord they must.....

Since President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate accord, some western states have threatened to have their states rejoin that man-made disaster.  Even as I write this, the state of Hawaii is attempting to join the accord.  However, those UN bureaucrats that enforce the terms of that agreement are insisting that the Aloha State cap the globes largest single emitter of hydrocarbons----'Mount Mauna Loa'.  For over 400,000 years Mauna Loa has been spewing it's pollution into the atmosphere.  Now that leading scientist around the world are in agreement that, man can indeed control the climate, it's time the state of Hawaii stepped to the plate and plugged this environmental disaster.  However, there is some resistance to this in the state with many leaders claiming the capping of this natural wonder would endanger the state's tourist based economy.  Radical environmentalist on the other hand insist that Mauna Loa must be capped in order to save the planet.  Additionally, they contend the 200,000+ flights annually of large airliners to the region, serving no other function than to bring non-productive tourist to this island paradise, must stop.  There is some good news here however---these astute scientist and environmental activist will all be dead and gone long before Mauna Loa will ever be plugged.    

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