Sunday, June 18, 2017

Welfare Fraudsters Using FOOD STAMPS To Buy HEROINE!

That’s it…I’m done with all these stories coming out how Americans and ‘NOT’ Americans are abusing the system and ruining it for people who actually deserve assistance. Shut down food stamps and start up the soup lines, and I’ll bet people start working again. This is disgusting. 

We have people who are feeding their addictions and creating even greater darkness to control their lives by using their food stamps now!?!?!? To buy heroine!?!?!? This is worse than disgusting, this is a serious problem. People like this are created by poor leadership. Like what we had for the last 8 years… 

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish…he can feed himself, his family, and those in need for the rest of his life. However, that’s not how things have been running for far too long, and now all we have are people who not only want someone to give them a fish, but they want that person to gut it, cook it, serve it, and feed it to them as well. We are so doomed! 

Several people in Pennsylvania were charged with allegedly stealing a total of $287,000 worth of welfare benefits in April, with some of the benefits being used to buy heroin, according to Pennsylvania’s Office of the Inspector General. 

The Office of the Inspector General expects to recover a total of $287,659 from the charges filed, mostly from food stamp fraud, Lehigh Valley Live reported. 

The alleged fraudsters stole $187,241 in Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program benefits, $46,494 in subsidized day care, $37,052 in government-funded benefits such as Medicaid, $11,348 in monetary assistance, and $5,523 in the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.   Read more......


Unknown said...

This is no joke! I recently heard an interview on talk radio of a
person who claimed the vast majority of all illegal drug sales in
America takes place in the week or two after the first of the month.

Does anyone find it odd that welfare recipients have that kind of
disposable income?

Kid said...

These people quickly become experts at working the system.

Every time I see some idiotic poster about some 5k run for the poor, I ask, how in the F can anyone be hungry. 49% of the population are on food stamps. Well, the mom's are obviously spending the proceeds on things other than food for their kids.
Convict them of child abuse, sterilize them, take the kids and put them in a house for children/orphanage-whatever where they can be monitored, cared for, fed, educated. They don't have Mom's anyway.

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