Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Will "NO COPS ALLOWED" signs appear on Restrooms at Brooklyn College in NYC

State funded Brooklyn College in NYC has deemed it necessary to ban cops from their primary restrooms on campus and directed them to a broken-down facility at the edge of the campus.  The faculty and students thinking is apparently, that seeing a cop in uniform would trigger the snowflakes in their safe-spaces.  For some reason, seeing a "No Police Allowed" sign posted on a public toilet somehow reminds me of the "White Only" signs across the south in the old Jim Crow days of the 1960's!  And no this is not fake news.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  You can read the disgusting details of the story here, from the New York Post!

And don't blame the students for their thinking.  They are simply reflecting the thoughts and opinions of their minders (the faculty).  Thoughts and opinions that are alien to America, but found at virtually all institutions of so-called 'higher learning' across the country.

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