Thursday, October 11, 2018

According to CNN there is a Token Negro in the White House

If you just accidentally hit the wrong button on your TV remote and caught a brief glimpse of the commentary on rapper Kanye West you may have noticed the phrase "token negro" being used over and over again as he was bashed by the likes of Don Lemon and others.  Have you ever noticed that when CNN refers to conservative blacks, they almost always use the term 'negro' and when referring to liberal blacks it always the term "blacks" that is used.  I know what those sorry hypocrites over at CNN are thinking as they spout the term 'negro'.  It's as close as one can get to the "N" word without being fired.  Yes, to those CNN anchors conservative black people like Kanye are indeed 'nig*ers'.  And they literally hate them.

Enough about CNN!  Today Kanye set in the Oval Office with President Trump and later dined with Donald.  Being an old southern boy, raised on what is today often called soul food, I would hope the main dish was collard greens and ham hocks.  I'm quite sure the President's guest, that included not only Kanye, but football great Jim Brown would have appreciated this jester.  Of course, liberals would have called this racist.  Throughout the meeting Kanye was sporting his MAGA cap. Commented it made his feel like superman. 

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