Monday, October 8, 2018

The Rallying cry of Republicans in 2016: "REMEMBER THE KAVANAUGH HEARING"

I can think of no more fitting logo for Republicans across the nation to use in their elections for both the Senate and the House than REMEMBER THE KAVANAUGH HEARING.  As of this time the best item I could locate on this issue is a simple and inexpensive bumper sticker.  Just follow the above link to see.  We must not let that sorry bunch of hypocrites who set on the Democrat side in the Senate Judiciary hearings forget the hateful words and charges they threw at a good man, Brett Kavanaugh.  Even one who dared to compare himself to Spartacus.  I don't recall, but did Spartacus ever grope a young teenage girl when he was in school as Cory Booker did?    

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