Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nationalism and the Sleeping Giant

Following the close of WWI and WWII and the collapse of colonialism rampant nationalism swept through Africa, the middle east and Asia. This movement was hailed by most liberals and progressives in the west while at the same time these same voices began to condemn the old nationalism of Europe and the United States. For these progressives patriotism was OK for the newly emerging states, but not for the old nations of western Europe and the United States. This double standard quickly gained support in the west and spun out-of-control in western Europe leading to the ascendancy of the EU. In America this movement gained strength, but its inroads were not on the European scale.

Then came 9/11 and the world, particularly the west was jolted. Many began to see new threats: first the obvious one of radical Islam and next a somewhat more obscure one, "a lack of nationalism in the west". Slowly it became evident that national pride had been diminished and replaced with the new multiculturalism that recognized no national boundaries. And it was this new multiculturalism that provided the breeding ground for yet another emerging force that of "Pan-Islamic Nationalism". An old enemy of the west that had once been vanquished was raising its ugly head again and threatening not only western Europe, but also the new world.

Until 9/11 western Europe had stood virtually alone against the onslaught of this new enemy as most Americans were unaware of this new danger. 9/11 changed everything, but the entrenched forces of liberalism and multiculturalism in Europe and America will not go quietly into the night. Their Utopian dream of a world without borders will not be easily brushed aside.

The tide appears to be turning as a new nationalism, a new pride in country and tradition is growing in Europe; while at the same time the patriotism of many Americans is being revitalized. To paraphrase Admiral Yamamoto, "we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve", America and her friends in Europe have had enough and our gates are no longer open to those who would trample our traditions. A new patriotism, a new national pride is being born in the west and soon the forces of multiculturalism and pan-Islamic nationalism will feel the wrath of this sleeping giant.
A modified post from some time back.


Matt said...

That's great! I hope you're right, because we are all going to need some more patriots to take up the cause against the left.

Steve Dennis said...

Great post, and I agree with Matt: I hope you are right, and I think you are. People are awakening and they are saying "we have had enough." It is time to take back this country!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Get more elected officials in Washington that share this Nationalism and we have something!

banned said...

"national pride had been diminished and replaced with the new multiculturalism " not true Ron, that is merely the ideal of the liberal elite, talk to the man in the street or in the pub and his national pride is as great as ever though he sometimes wonders why he bothered.

"...western Europe had stood virtually alone against the onslaught of this new enemy (Islam) "
No we didn't, our liberal elite supinely surrendered, allowing or even encouraging Islamic hoards to settle in our lands, a clear and present danger both now and for the future.

Trestin said...

Good one Matt. I think you are right, we are seeing it in England and Australia.

Teresa said...

Great post, Ron!

Multiculturalism is the enemy of both exceptionalism and our State, and must be fought against with fervor. I agree with Matt, hoping your correct about more patriots waking out of their slumber of ignorance.