Sunday, May 15, 2011

Voices of the Liberal Fascist

Every night I see and here the "Voices on the Left". I see the violence in the streets, I see conservative speakers taunted and literally run from the podiums at some of our most prestigious universities. I see the marches in Oakland in support of a cop-killers. Most of these hateful demonstrators seem to be young. To me, its a sad commentary on the youth of this country. They claim to support change and openness, but simply cannot tolerate anyone with an opposing view. They condemn a capitalism system, that has provided them with one of the worlds highest standard of living. The United States economy is the envy of the world and people are literally tearing down fences in order to get here. Yet these misguided souls see only evil and corruption here. They listen to their I-pods and text on their blackberries about how bad things are. They look to socialism with the foolish belief that a system such as that will make their lives better, forgetting that it never has worked well in any country. Western Europe being the best example---higher unemployment, lower economic growth and millions trying to come to the U.S. for a better way of life. Youth is often a time spent in search of something new and different, a search for the exotic to show ones Independence, and a time to toss aside traditional values. Most will in time outgrow these adolescent tendencies, some however will be in that rut for their entire lives and that is sad. We can to some degree, excuse the ideologies embraced by some of the youth of this country, we cannot excuse or condone the rudeness and violence they display toward those who disagree. This cannot be allowed to continue---to do so,would in the end, mean the destruction of our democratic system. A free and open exchange of ideas is a necessary part of our system. As for those mature adults, that participate in these disruptions of our freedom of speech, I have little use for them. Theirs are the tactics of hate and a new form of fascism not seen since the days of Nazi Germany.

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The Born Again American said...

They say "if in your twenties you are not a liberal, you don't have a heart"... They say "if in your forties you are not a conservative, you don't have a brain"...

These "useful idiots" as Hitler used to refer to the youth, would soil themselves if they actually had to live under the government they protest for...

Always On Watch said...

The young people of today have a sense of entitlement that beggars belief. And many of this generation's parents do as well. I see this problem all the time in education, particularly as this time of the year approaches when we teachers average grades. Pressure comes to bear on those of us who teach high school: "If you give my child a C, he won't get into a good college."

News flash for these whining parents: I don't GIVE grades. Students EARN their grades.

Even worse than the pressure from the parents is the pressure from many school administrators, who want their school to have status by having high GPA's.

Armored Saint said...

Idiots? Yes. Useful? Not even close.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

If these assholes were to acquire what they truly wish they would be swimming in the fecal mud of a dying town with no electricity, no power, and no hope, completely agrarian.

Violence would run, and with that only the Strong would survive.

And the Strong would NOT include the 99-percentile bulk of Leftists.

It is a STRONG Western civilization that ENABLES Leftist shitsticks to propogate their rants in a warm home filled with conveniences, clean water, instant electricity, personal transportation, a secure home, decent supportive infrastructure and minimal corruptive influences.

Try speaking the truth in SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST environments. Try proffering Leftist views in ANY Islamic nation.

Leftists would be the FIRST to be KILLED under Islam.


christian soldier said...

sadly-we have allowed -in the last 60+ years- one of the best education systems to be usurped by the marxist-'progressives'-
and turned into a dumbed down entity..
time to get it back!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The ones that don't out grow it will be teaching our grand children.