Sunday, June 19, 2011

Public Health, Wealth Redistribution, Protective Environmentalism---The Three-Headed Hydra of the Socialist State

Wealth distribution in destructive in many ways, but the worst in the under-mining of a basic American principle---the right to work and to keep the fruits of your labor. Recently I got to thinking about all the rights we have lost over the years in the name of public safety and the list is indeed long. And now a new snake is rearing it's ugly head and "public safety" is no longer alone.

The new kid on the block is "public health" and if anything it will be more vicious. Some groups have been suffering the abuses of this monster for a number of years, mainly those who smoke---the tax abuses imposed on this minority are staggering and punitive. And now this new administration with its Keynesian Economics is getting ready to turn this monster on other groups seeing little resistance to the abusive taxes leveled on smokers. They have alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, snack foods and many other things in their sights and are already planning how to spend the new revenues that will be raised.

And a third snake is beginning to show itself, migrating from the west coast and quickly spreading eastward. This new menace is called "Protective Environmentalism", this is perhaps the most dangerous, for its venom can infect the entire populous. Unlike "public health" it doesn't just seek-out the over-weight, the smoker, the drinker, the teenager with his soft drink, this new menace has a voracious appetite consuming everything in its path--liberty, freedom and individualism. This three-headed Hydra seeking to destroy our freedoms under the guise of, "Wealth Redistribution, Public Health, and Protective Environmentalism must be eliminated.

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Teresa said...

Great post, Ron! The three-headed hydra needs to be killed before it kills liberty, freedom, and individualism. We need to stop these commies.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

They won't be happy until we're ALL turned into victims. The word Freedom is becoming just a word to these people.