Friday, July 1, 2011

The New American Revolution

The REVOLUTION isn't coming the revolution is upon us. We live in a time of the 24 hour news cycle and thousands of people gathering on a mall with anti-government signs just doesn't get the attention of a left-leaning news media. It will take more, much more---it will take thousands of acts of civil-disobedience, it will take the burning of pictures of the leftest leaders, it will take offensive posters carried by marchers, I fear it will take more that most on the right are willing to give. These things are not in our playbook, have never been in our playbook , but a new reality is upon us. Conservatives the revolution is upon us, we didn't want it, we cringe from it, its not in our nature. The fight must however, be joined. If not, then all of those brave Americans who have gone before us and fought for our freedoms will have died in vain. We must resist, we must fight---not so much for ourselves, but for those we love, and the values and traditions we cherish and respect. Sadly the enemy is not across the vast oceans, but the enemy is among us and this enemy is determined to destroy those things we hold most precious, this enemy will stop at nothing and his goal is domination, control and extermination of those ideals he finds repugnant. The ideals of God, country, and yes even freedom as we know it.
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