Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wake Up America

Yesterday I got a comment on one of my blogs about the dangers the nation is currently facing. I thought to pass it along in this post. Thanks to Defendit at A Free Market America.
WE MUST continue to spread the word just as Paul Revere did, to stop this evil and nonsense and these flagrantly unconstitutional and fundamentally unAmerican usurpation's and violations of trust, ethics, and law as well as the enormously loud silence about them.

The Iron curtain of LIEberal Saul Alinsky Marxist program will unravel once those within its illusions and false images /spin/ hollow incriminating criminal defense style tactics for subversion and sophistry see the error and place in the program which they believing they are in a neutral place really are instead: effectively neutralized, manipulated and drawn into the yoke and scam.

This is really bigger than just the upcoming elections. In order to restore our constitution, economy and culture we must speak and show those who need to see what’s going on to vote the bums out of power and to mount an effective counterrevolution of ideas against those who believe in coercion and Saul alinsky strategy of deception and community “organizing” I.e. dividing and conquering the American people. Well its time to do some real community organizing now: only the truth will get us out of this.

To shy from and to delay this task any longer is simply not an option its the WRONG ANSWER. We must expose the consequences/damage that results when these seditious Utopian extremists and hacks attain power. Like president Reagan who faced them down when they were primarily the foreign enemy the USSR rather than the domestic tyrants and economic/Marxist re-education czars they are and violating offices and positions and using the titles as justification for undermining the very laws and foundations by which they claim authority to do so in the first place. Never stopping to think about why their Utopian theories haven’t worked anywhere else in the world despite the fact that the pesky government limitations and form which supposedly interferes with their notion of how the world works not hindering them in those places by “virtue” of the fact of their absence there.

We concerned patriots, including those who have been supporting those who have appointed and empowered such luminaries as Obama and Ruth Badger Ginsburg, Supreme Court Occupier and ACLU lawyer who just this month said that she would not look to the American constitution as a model if she were drafting a constitution in the year 2012- must finally admit what is happening. We must come clean to ourselves about the great Saul Alinsky swindle and Amway type multilevel marketing con job involving hope and dope or sophisticated well funded and organized and targeted “hope a dope” political science by a seditious little oligarchy and red army/5th column that have been working feverishly for decades beneath the shadows and behind the curtains of the lib media, the blue states, Washington d.c., and the long ago occupied tenured radical PC controlled and corrupted education system from top to bottom. That's the big story.

The presidency is just the tip of the iceberg – or spear of this dangerous mob. Who are these people? We know who at least one of them is: the son of a Marxist mother named “Stanley”in the 1940s, left to be raised by Marxist grandfather who exposed him to “uncle” Frank Marshall Davis communist party lawyer/propagandist/Obama childhood mentor while the 11year old boy would go into Honolulu red light district bar with GRAMPA Stanley with pornographic depictions of Disney characters as Obama himself described in page 77 of his own written autobiography “Dreams From My Father” This was the son of Kenyan Marxist economist who wrote a critique entitled “problems with our socialism” or some such thing. That’s who these people are. That’s who they have been all along. Its incredible but what else can explain so much about what has been happening?
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