Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Founders Were Left Wing Extremists

Yes, the founders and early patriots were indeed, left wing extremists. The were on the left because they were seeking to overturn the status quo. That said when the American Revolution was won the patriots quickly became the defenders of the revolutionary gains, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They were the defenders of the new status quo. Today many are wrongly labeled right wing extremist, but that is a fallacy in that these patriots on the right seek to protect the constitutional values as written in that document. While those on the American left are seeking to overturn many items in the Constitution, not by amending as the founders had allowed for, but by judicial review. A re-writing of that document by unelected men in a black robes. The old left wing revolutionary patriots who established the Constitution are now represented by the American Right and the new counter-revolutionaries are those unpatriotic forces of the American Left. I did call them unpatriotic, because that is what they are. Because they seek to destroy the work of the first American Patriots by any means possible and to call them anything less than unpatriotic would be a subversion of the truth. Some say most all Americans are patriotic, but sadly that is not the case and has never been. Even during the American Revolution many Americans were unpatriotic and did NOT support the revolution, they were called Tories. Today, yes even today we have the new "Tories" in our mist and they would impose a new system of government on this nation and these new Tories make up the American Left. The new left wing extremist bear no resemblance to the left wing extremist of the American Revolution for these new unpatriotic extremist seek to radically change or destroy the America of the Founders.
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