Monday, September 14, 2015

ISIS Nukes Washington

Sept 5, 2015: The AP is now reporting that sources inside Pakistan have revealed that a force of 75 or more ISIS fighters have overran a army depot near Golra Sharif some 18 km west of Rawalpindi and  after afflicting heavy casualities on the defenders have managed to escape with some 7 low-yield nuclear devices. 

Beginning of the End:
Zero Hour Sept 13, 2015 10.24 a m today a small nuclear device was detonated  somewhere between the White House and the U. S. Capitol building in Washington. The first reports came from commercial airline pilots approaching the city in route to Reagan National Airport . Numerous pilots reported seeing a huge mushroom cloud coming up from the city's center and at the same time feeling their aircraft shudder from the force of the blast. At this time communications from the stricken city remain sparse with little information coming out. For the moment there is no word about the safety of the president although it is known that he was in the White House at the time of the attack. It is also believed that both the House and the Senate were in session at the moment of the blast.
Zero Hour +1 News helicopters out of the Baltimore area flying over Washington report seeing massive damage in the Washington D.C. areas with hundreds of fires raging in areas up to one mile from what is believed to be ground zero. Some reported seeing a huge crater perhaps 100-200 yards wide in an area some quarter mile NE of the spot where the Washington Monument formally stood, only the base of that structure remains. There are also unconfirmed reports that parts of the capital dome are missing and that flames are coming from the gaping holes in that structure. Parts of the White House have been completely destroyed while other parts are in flames at this hour with no efforts being made to extinguish them.
Zero Hour +5 Breaking news from AP: The Associated Press in now reporting that president Barack Hussein Obama was killed in the attack on the nations capital earlier today, but gave no details. It is also reporting that Vice President Joe Biden who was at the White House at that hour was also killed in the blast. And this report is just coming in: many members of Congress have perished in the attack among the many being mentioned at this time are notably John Boehner, speaker of the house.  Rueters is now reporting the Secertary of State John Kerry is being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on a Air Force plane somewhere over the Atlantic as he flies back back from Brussels where he was attending a NATO meeting. His destination is a closely guarded secret at this time.
Zero Hour +10 Al Jazeera television is reporting that ISIS/ISIL is claiming responsibility for the attack on Washington and that terrorist group is claiming to have planted additional nuclear devices in other U.S. cities. Along with this claim ISIS has issued a list of demands to stop any future attacks. Among the many demands are the following: 1) immediate moves to began a full U.S. withdrawal of military forces from all Muslim countries throughout the world 2) immediate cease fire by all U.S. military forces in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan 3) recognition of ISIS as a legitimate organization operating to restore world peace 4) reparations in the amount of One Trillion dollars to be paid to ISIS for damages to that organization and other Arab states 5) additional demands to come in near future. Al Jazeera is also reporting that ISIS is giving the United States government 72 hour to announce compliance with these demands or a second device will be detonated somewhere in the US.
Zero Hour +20 PANIC has gripped Americans as millions flee the cities for the perceived safety of the countryside............. Barack woke in a cold sweat quickly realizing it was just a dream and at that same moment less that a mile from the White House a Green Van pulled into a small parking lot and a clean cut dark-skinned young man exited locking the door behind him then turned and walked to a waiting car. Barack turned over and went back to sleep the dream was over, but the real nightmare was only beginning.
by Ron Russell
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