Friday, March 18, 2016

Son of a Goat-herding Kenyan Commie

Not only is Barack the son of a Kenyan Communist, but the bastard son of a Kenyan Communist.  It is also likely that his Grandpa on his father's side was a member of the Mau Mau terrorist organization that hacked to death European women and children.  Believe me, ISIS has nothing on these guys and their machetes!  That aside, Barack promised to bring fundamental change to America.  Well he kept that promise and today under his administration the nation is worse off and more divided than ever.  It is obvious that the young Obama was well indoctrinated by the hate-America crowd where he attended college.  Remember those early years of his administration where he traversed the globe on those infamous apology tours, telling anyone who would listen just how sorry America was for what he saw as past transgressions. 
Now is just one year, the nation will be rid of this guy.  Everyone has their idea of who should replace him and I understand that.  However, I think that most would agree, that whoever that person is, it will be an improvement.  At this time I stand with Trump.  So this election year, support the candidate of your choice and get out and vote. 

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