Thursday, January 18, 2018

ICE Raids homes and buildings flying Mexican Flag in San Francisco

Earlier today thousands of ICE agents were seen landing on California beaches just south of San Francisco.  They are apparently raiding homes and businesses flying the Mexican National flag.  Additionally dozens were seen entering state and local government buildings and removing officials in handcuffs.  It has been further noted that hundreds of heavily armed agents have parachuted into Sacramento and are at this time surrounding the governor's mansion with an arrest warrant for governor 'Moonbeam' Brown.
Of course the above is pure fiction, but one can dream.  After all that's how most revolutions begin.  Damn writing this short piece made me feel great! 

Illegal Alien Workplace Raids Are “Causing A Lot Of Panic” 
Apparently the raids have been directed against 7-11 Convenience stores as well as some fast food chains.  Evidently the catalyst for these unprecedented ICE raids occurred when President Trump found a Mexican Centavo inside his 'Big Mac'.    

And from the Master of Media Manipulation! 
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