Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trump on 'Shithole' Countries

President Trump came under fire today when speaking about the immigration issue.  Specifically, ending the policy of allowing refugees from Haiti, who were allowed in following the great earthquake over a decade ago.  I agree, it's time for these refugees to go home to their 'shithole' countries.  Trump is blunt, but tells it like it is.  It's funny when people from such places leave, they invariably want their new adopted land to conform to the values they brought with them from their native lands---even when such things in some ways were responsible for the awful conditions they left.  When living in Florida I was witness to something akin to this.  Many from the over-taxed, crime ridden states and cities in the northeast fled south to avoid the high taxes.  But guess what, they brought with them the same liberal progressive values  they sought to escape by moving to the Sunshine State.  Many voted for higher taxes and for political leaders which would in time turn their new environment into the shitholes they left.  A little rambling here, but you get the message this old fart is tossing out. 
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