Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Then and Now

The stage is set, the curtain is going up and all eyes will be on the greatest speaker and our first post-racial president. All of our elected federal officials and members of the supreme court will look with awe as the commander-in-chief enters the great hall to the roar of the crowd and the cameras will role as he ascends to the throne and takes his place behind the safety of his TOTUS. Seated behind the great man will be the Speaker of the House, a great lady and defender of the down-trodden masses and next to her the President of the Senate, the Vice President, who often speaks the truth much to the dismay of the great leader. The applause, the cheers will subside and the great leader will speak and the words will flow over the crowd and through the airways and a feeling of awe will permeate those assembled and the masses huddled round their TV's at home.

But that was January 2009 and this is September 2009 and things have changed. This great man this great post-racial president has lost his glow and cloud has settled on his image and a new emerging one is being formed. Americans are beginning to see, not the great uniter, but the lying divider. he will attempt to sway the masses again as he did earlier, but this time, his words will fall on deaf ears and the applause will be muffled and subdued. The sleeping giant of middle America has been wakened and the lies of this once great leader have been exposed and his true agenda revealed.

President Obama we will no longer listen, we will no longer believe, we will no longer tolerate your lies, we will no longer respect you, we will instead insist you respect our will and hear our demands. And sir if you persist in your ways and attempt to impose an unAmerican system on us, we sir will crush you and those like you and purge you and your supporters from our America. You sir, are unAmerican, unpatriotic, and unwanted!!

by Ron Russell


Earl Wayne said...

And today our "congress" showed their concern for America by confirming Susten as a new "Czar" oh excuse me they arent Czar's are they?!!

Ron Russell said...

Earl Wayne you are right. Boy what a sorry bunch we have on the hill.

Right Truth said...

You said it Ron.

When the AP starts pointing out Obama's lies, you know something is going very wrong with his administration.

Plus ACORN folks getting arrested, more getting investigated. That's good news.

People in our country, mostly Democrat, are seeing the light. I got an earful from the nurses etc. at the hospital today on his health care, they are not buying any of it.

You said it at my place, both parties suck. But I'm hoping the Republicans will learn some lessons and go Conservative.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Unknown said...

Debbie, when the round of elections roll around there will be some long faces in DC, many will have to get a real job, a job where they will have to produce or get out. These politically correct cowards need to be removed now, but I guess we will have to wait.

Teresa said...

The lies were neverending in Obama's speech. He is unAmerican, unpatriotic, and unwanted. We need to vote him and many others out the next election. These people sicken me with their political correctness and immorality. No listening to speeches that fill Obama's ego anymore. I believe it is the time for action now and that the time for listening to these selfish politicians have passed. REVOLUTION!!

Ron Russell said...

Please Teresa, don't start the revolution without me!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said! It is amazing how far the great man has fallen in such a short period. People have awaken and do not like what they see. If only it had happened before the election we would have been better off but at least it is finally happening.

Ron Russell said...

Those flowers that quickly bloom, quickly fade and die and so it is with Obama.