Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Crime rate of Blacks against Whites is 200 times of that of Whites against Blacks

Any person whether white or black is or should be aware that the crime rate of blacks against whites is much higher than the reverse.  Anyone occasionally picking up a newspaper or watching the nightly news on TV knows this.  And the reality is that the rates are much higher than are reported.  It seems that many cities have attempted to mask the racial identity of those committing crimes in order to to preserve the myth that it's the white cop or white nationalist that is unmercifully preying on the docile black man.  Why is it that liberals scream for the identity of the white man who commits an act against a black, be plastered across the media.  While at the same time shout racism when the black criminal is exposed.  And why do so many in the media refuse, if possible, to identify the race of a criminal---unless he is that hated evil white man.  Could it just be those in the newsrooms of America are products of our great universities, that teach their impressionable young captive audience that it is the white man who is responsible for all the world's problems.  Their was a time when the black man had a legitimate gripe---in the days of the short rope and the tall tree.  Those days are gone.  Today, it's the innocent convenience store white employee versus the black thug with that Saturday-night special.  I don't expect these stats to change anytime soon.  And they will never change as long as progressives continue to make excuses for those black criminals who prey on whites while maintaining that, the occasional white criminal who preys on blacks is nothing more than a racist.  Just yesterday, in Fresno, CA a black man killed 3 white men just because they were white.  Or maybe, they just got in the way of his bullet.  After all stray bullets kill people every day---just look at Chicago.  Of course, in those parts of the windy city most afflicted by stray bullets, the vast majority of the people living there are black.  And as a result, most the victims of lead poisoning are likewise black.  Occasionally however, some dumb pimpled-face cracker will wonder into that vast no-man's land and fall victim to black gang members.  Gang members who are little more than cowardly punks who only find courage in numbers and wouldn't confront a pussy cat when it's one-on-one.  Shit, I could go on and on, but honestly it just wouldn't do any good.  Presenting the facts to liberals or progressive politicians in the big cities is akin to trying to feed your dog lettuce.



Sandee said...

Where is the outrage? There isn't much is there. Not in the media, not on the left. It's a shame too.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That's because we're racist bastards!

Unknown said...

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