Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Unmasking Bearack Obama

It really staggers the mind when Democrats and their bosom buddies in the media accuse Donald Trump of having some kind of backdoor deal with comrade Vladimir Putin, just because he had a few kind words about the Russian ruler during the presidential campaign.  While just a short while back, then President Obama turned over the keys to Syria to the Russian Bear on a mere promise for having that nations chemical weapons destroyed (just today Syrian warplanes dropped more chemical bombs on opposition forces).  Next Obama did nothing as Russian troops marched into Crimea.  And then there was that little matter of giving Russia's best Middle East Ally, Iran, billions of dollars in plane loads of cash.  Yes, Trump said a few words about Russia, but Obama is a tried and proven friend of the man who sits in the Kremlin! 


Sandee said...

The far left will do whatever necessary to discredit the current administration. It's all out war as far as they are concerned.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺

c.a. said...

The left wants to destroy us.