Monday, April 3, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence has been caught having a secret rendezvous with a well known Beverly Hills million heiress.  This shocking disclosure occurred only weeks after the VP claimed he would never have a private dinner with a woman other than his wife.  Many in the media have condemned what they considered an inappropriate monogamous relationship with his wife, Karen, of some 30 years.  But in the recent election campaign wasn't Donald Trump soundly condemned by media voices for his seemingly caddish behavior toward those of the opposite sex.  Seems that Republicans can do nothing right when it comes to women.  On the other hand, Democrats can do nothing wrong, with the two possible exceptions of being caught with a young boy or a dead women.  But even here, the Democrats are often given a pass---seems like I recall a bridge in Chappaquiddick!

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Kid said...

I hate democrats more by the minute.