Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama Doesn't Want Fair Elections!!!

Why hasn't Barack taken a stronger stand on the Iranian election fraud. It's actually quite simply, election fraud and corrupt has been a "way of life" for this politician for years. He was married to it in Chicago and like his cigarettes I sure he finds it hard to stop. That's probably why secret service agents have been observed buying cartoons of Kools several blocks from the White House---they are know to be his brand. But back to the election in Iran. The corrupt and fraud are quite evident to all and appalling to most. But our great leader has to have the fraudulent ballots stuffed up his rear before he gets scent of the fraud. The election of BHO could be itself at best be corrupt and at worse stolen. The massive pluralities coming out of the major metropolitan areas could have easily been provided by fraud and corruption. At any rate Obama doesn't care. To him being the socialist he is the "ends justifies the means". Corruption and voter fraud is just a way of life for this guy and many of his closest advisers.

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thedaleygator said...

Hey, saw your follow on Twitter, I am adding you to my blogroll, feel free to put me on yours as well. Nice blog you have!

Debbie said...

So true about Obama and Chicago politics. He got elected, he's not worried about anybody else.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Track-A-'Crat said...

Great post, Ron.

Because of their underhand, not to say illegal, tactics, we're already losing the 2010 elections to the Democrats.

Millions of illecit votes were instituted for the Democrats at the last election, and they will be the base for decades to come...

Thomas said...

Barry kinda reminds me of the ragheads in Iran. They don't want fair elections either.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

What we see as voter fraud Obama sees as opportunity.