Friday, June 19, 2009

White House Leaks Story of Obama's Kenyan Birth

Unidentified sources inside the White House are quietly revealing, what has just been a rumor up until this time, that Obama may have indeed been born in Kenya. It is believed that these revelations are coming now, as a result of the ongoing effort by some groups to get the original copy of his birth certificate made public. At this moment the complete details are sketchy, but some details are emerging. It now appears that Ann Dunham (Mrs Barack Hussein Obama, Sr) had returned to Kenya with her husband of only 6 month in mid-July of 1961 to meet members of his Kenyan family. It is thought that while on this visit Ann Dunham learned of Obama seniors earlier marriage to a woman named Kezia in 1954 and that the two were the parents of four children. According to White House sources Ann, distraught and shaken leaves the senior Obama and goes to the nearby capital city of Nairobi and fearing for her life at that time seeks refuse at the American Embassy there. At first the embassy officials were somewhat reluctant to admit the young wife, but upon hearing her story of the death threats leveled at her by the family of Kezia, Barack seniors true wife they decide to give the young obviously pregnant girl asylum in the embassy. According to recently released embassy records the embassy was over-flowing with American nationals at that particular time due to a sharp spike in black nationalist activities directed at whites in the country. Because of over-crowding in the embassy proper, Ann was given shelter in a small shed in the rear of the embassy, a shed formerly reserved for livestock. The livestock had been removed several months before. It was in this former stable, that Ann unexpectedly gives birth to Barack Hussein Obama II, the current President of the United States. The anonymous sources at the White House are quick to point out two things: first, President Obama was born on American soil (U.S. Embassy grounds are considered under international agreements to be part of the United States); second, the ONE was born in a stable (the source was quick to emphasize this fact) for what reason we are not sure! Finally the issue is settled, Obama was born on American soil with his humble beginnings in a stable---the message here well I'll leave that to you!

by Ron Russell


Greg Goss said...

Comment posted at 17:35 April 1st 2009.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

But did he have an American Daddy?

Debbie said...

You had me going there for a few minutes. Good one.

I'm not surprised the White House hasn't actually tried to float such a balloon.

Debbie Hamilton
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Sherri said...

Yes, but was there a great northern star and a heavenly chorus of angels? I suspect it was a flame and demons chanting.

Anonymous said...

Birthers are almost as bad as Truthers and

Please know I'm laughing at ya, not with ya... :D

Anonymous said...

Away in a manger,
No crib for a bed,
Little lord Barry
Lays down his sweet head...

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck over it, you ignorant niggers. He won. The country isn't destroyed. It doesn't appear to be anytime soon. Too bad that hillbilly retard and her slut offspring don't have a chance of being nominated in 2012. It'd be pretty funny to see that train wreck happen again.