Sunday, October 17, 2010

Right to Vote, A Danger to the Republic!

As Americans we all have the "Right to Vote"! Or is it really a "right" and not a privilege?  Over the past few decades the privilege is becoming more of a right to all who live in this country with fewer and fewer restrictions being placed on those who are able to mark the ballot, with "motor voter" and mail in ballots becoming the norm and not the exception.  As a result many who are not citizens, and many who would abuse the system are gaining more influence in the electoral  process!  They are in effect canceling out the votes of hard working, law abiding Americans that respect the laws.  Corruption is nothing new in American politics, but with all the current attempts to make voting easier, the doors have been opened wide to those unscrupulous politicians who would seek to divert the true will of the people for their own ends.  Yes, voting is a "privilege and not a right"! So this November exercise that privilege and say no to those corrupters of democracy who would make it a right to all no matter what their status.

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Randy-g said...

It will be my privilege to vote against all the leftist, AKA as democRATS on my ballet......

Randy-g said...

ballot was a long day

Always On Watch said...

Those on welfare should not be allowed to vote.

I know that my opinion on that topic isn't popular.

However, I look to what happened to the Roman Republic as evidence for what happens when those on welfare get power at the ballot box.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You BET I'm exercising my ability to vote.

And I am voting AGAINST every Leftist and every RINO.

Simple as that.

I think the Demorats and Leftists are in for a BIG surprise.