Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spitting on Winston Churchill

Few noticed when Barack Obama, shortly after his inauguration, sent Winston Churchill packing. The British government shortly after 9/11 presented to the American people a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. President Bush proudly placed it in the Oval Office and it stayed there until one Barack Hussein Obama entered following the election of 2008. Shortly after taking office he saw fit to return the bust and return it to the british.  Hardly anyone thought to ask why.  After all Churchill was the great wartime leader of England, our strongest ally in WWII.  The new president, Barack Hussein Obama, chose to disregard this and instead placed his own personal dislike of Churchill above the feelings of the American people. With this one action he showed himself to be a "son of Kenya" and not a "son of America"!

Why would Obama shun Churchill?  Well he was in power when the Mau Mau uprisings occurred in Kenya---perhaps his homeland and maybe not!  At any rate the British had his grandfather jailed for activities with the Mau Mau uprising, a uprising that saw that terrorist group kill many white settlers as well as blacks in Kenya.  I'm sure its quite safe to say that Obama regarded these terrorist as freedom fighters and not the terrorist they were.

What is so disturbing about Obama's attitude toward Churchill is that its reflects a personal opinion that over-rode the deep respect that most Americans have toward England and Churchill. It's very easy to see where this "Son of Kenya" is coming from and who easily brushes aside the will of the people in his every action.  Did anyone notice his bow to the Saudi king and the refusal to bow to the queen of England. He shouldn't have bowed to either, but then he didn't hesitate to "spit of Churchill"!

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