Monday, November 22, 2010

Political Compromise

Political compromise usually means pushing an issue down the road and avoiding the tough decisions that in the end will be more difficult with the passage of time, often with devastating results such as "Munich" in the 1930's and "The Great Compromise of 1850".  Important issues must never be compromised and those who advocate reaching across the great divide must always be questioned and avoided when possible! 

Saying "NO" to compromise is in most cases a virtue and those who take such positions should be applauded and not condemned. Alas, that is not the case, as echoed in today's MSM when it comes to their leftist positions.  They expect compromise from those on the right and failing to gain that they quickly label them the party of "no", while calling for those they support to hold fast.  Most who call for compromise are dealing from a position of weakness and their calls for bipartisianship is simply a reflection of that weakness and not some nobel stance! 

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Always On Watch said...

The Dems will push and push until the GOP members of Congress have to say no. The goal: to paint the GOP as a do-nothing party. I hope that the American electorate are not so dumb as to fall for that scam.

Rare Resource said...

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hbl said...

Excellent observation, Ron. Let's see if the new members of Congress can reverse the trend.

MK said...

Indeed Ron, as i always say, give the left a foot and you'll be fighting for a mile before you know it. Give them nothing i say, nothing at all, for they deserve nothing.

WomanHonorThyself said...

we need to say no to tyranny! Blessed holidays my friend..((hugsss))~!

Trestin said...

We have compromised far too much.

banned said...

Firstly might I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from beyond the pond.

On the subject of political compromise our University students are revolting again; large numbers of them voted Liberal Democrat (UK third party) in our recent elections on the basis of that partys 'PLEDGE' to reduce/abolish university tuition fees .
As the junior member of the subsequent Coalition Government they are unable to push that through and their leader Nick Clegg (UK Deputy PM) has become a popular hate figure, burning effigies an' all.

What the students fail to understand is that their party of choice did not win the election, they merely won a supporting role and thus must compromise with the Conservatives.

They brought central london to a halt today though I have more sympathy with the schoolboys supporting them since they are the ones who will eventually have to abide by the new regime, not our current crop of students.

Matt said...

Compromise is no longer possible. You can't compromise with evil.

Teresa said...

I'd rather the politicians stand on principle and say NO to compromise than be a bunch of spineless unprincipled wimps.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Ron. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Here is how I perceive the problem:

For decades the Left became more progressively Left, and they were essentially completely UNopposed.

Because I was in radio at the time, I place MUCH emphasis upon Rush Limbaugh. I submit that it wasn't until RUSH that the Conservatives somehow managed to find their own "voice."

Once that voice was sourced, they became opposed.

The more the Left pushed, the more the Right pushed.

Because they were UNused to being opposed at ALL.

I submit this: Leftists aren't squashed; they're just pissed that Conservatives found a venue and played it for all it's worth.

Finally: once so voiced, Conservatives are NOT "going away."


MK said...

Happy thanksgiving Ron.