Monday, November 1, 2010

Politicians Lie

99% of all politicians lie, that's what most Americans think!  So why vote for any of the bastards?  People like to believe those leaders that tell them what they want to hear, so they will give that candidate their vote in hope that they will deliver.  Unfortunately most of the time they are disappointed and will vote the bums out in the next election.  Tonight on the eve of the Nov 2, 2010 elections many on the right are betting and placing their bets on the Tea Party and the Republicans! I pray they will not be disappointed, that is not what history says.  At any rate the hope that your candidate will deliver and hold true to form should be enough to get you to the polls----frankly that's all you have.  So get out and vote, and vote those out who have proven to be the enemies of constitutional principles.  All we can do is hope some of those we elect will hold true to those values which we believe in. Vote and hope for the best.

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