Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice, France from Bardot to Islamic Butchers

Up until today when I thought about Nice, France I saw scenes of the French Rivera with Bikini clad babes and of course Brigitte Bardot.  Last night that all changed with the Islamic Terrorist attack in that city that killed 84 innocent men, women and children.  An attack obviously inspired by Muslim fanatics who cling to their Koran, bombs, guns and now even the steering wheels of large trucks.  Trucks they used to mow down unmercifully innocents on the streets who were celebrating Bastille Day, the equivalent of our 4th of July.  Sadly now all I see is the blood and carnage on the streets of that beautiful city by the sea.  The roots of this horrific attack can be traced back to the open border policies of France and the multiculturalism embraced by that country's liberal political leaders and of course, Islam---the world's great religion of peace!  "Peace" the religion of Peace are Obama's words not mine.  Furthermore, if those committing these murderous attacks across the globe were Christian our esteemed President would be the very first to call them "Christian Extremist or Christian terrorist"!  However, he still cannot bring himself to use the phrase "Islamic Terrorist"  Does he stand with Islam?  Perhaps he doesn't say that, but his actions leave little doubt. 
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