Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama: The Snake-Oil Salesman

Obama the snake oil salesmanThose who gave some support to the first stimulus bill can to a small degree be excused (but not by this writer). Those on the other hand who continue to support these massive spending bills can in no way be excused. Either they are total fools or their agenda is something alien to America. Obama does NOT want the economy to improve, because his hates the free market system, and the only way he can bring about his socialistic Utopian liberal dream, is for things to get much worse. Those who say, if would be foolish for him to help bring on an economic Armageddon, simply don't understand what this man is really about. He not a socialist (in the European sense), but a radical socialist in the Mugabe (African) camp. He knows he can sway the masses with his soaring rhetoric and that the masses will wait for his next words to flow over them and solve their many problems. He is a modern day "snake-oil" salesman and the fools are beating down his door for a taste of the magic elixir. He offers up "hope" and "dreams" as some commodities on his endless shelf of wares, and the people come, they press against the doors, their faces pushed and flattened against the glass by the multitudes behind them; for a chance to see and touch this miracle man and to taste the wonders of his fruits.

Few times, in the history of this great Republic, have we faced such a threat to the survival of this nation; this is one such time and we must fight back or give up not only our freedoms, but that of our children.
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