Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reflections in a Mirror

Mirror reflectionsWe've all heard the expression, "a mirror image". Most think the image and the reflection are the same when in reality---they are opposites. What we saw and heard from Obama on the campaign trail was one thing (the mirror image), and what we are getting now is the true Obama. A far left politician with an almost alien agenda. He simply wants to change American into his personal vision of what he thinks America should be. His ideals come from years of influence by people who believe that capitalism is an evil and corrupt system. He is using the economic downturn, which is a normal part of a free market system, to advance his agenda. An agenda not of the European socialist kind, but one much more radical and foreign to the traditional American system. This is a power grab that puts the efforts of Hugo Chavez to shame. Its beginning to take shape and some see the looming dangers it presents, but most of the masses are still buying the rhetoric of this silver tongued snake-oil salesman.

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