Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Spreads the Wealth

I was walking my dog tonight and noticed that he stopped in all the usual spots to water those things which he thought were needing his attention. Night after night the same spots got his attention. No matter how hard I tried to lead him to a different spot he would invariably go to the same places. Suddenly, I got the message--these were his spots and he wanted to water. He wanted them to remembered him, so he marked them again and again as in nights before. Obama's recent budget proposal reminded me of my dog. He has to water those who supported him in the past---his favorite spots, acorn, environmental activist, labor unions, etc. and more. I told my wife about our beloved dogs behavior and she said, "its just the way their little minds work", boy did she say a mouthful. The little minds are active now---protect your trees. Obama doesn't want to spread the wealth, at least not in the traditional way---he only wants to water the old familiar spots with your water.

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1 comment:

Ron Russell said...

Obama will piss on your flowers if he gets the chance. Penny Patch