Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Liberalism and Barack Obama

The elites and academics all have told us over and over that Barack Obama is perhaps the most intelligent, one of the best educated, and certainly one of the greatest orators we have ever had as president. Is he all of the above, and is this why has these recognized leaders of academia and the east and west coast elitists are virtually swooning over his mere presence. What is this fascination with this heretofore virtually unknown senator from Illinois. Is it his undeniable charm, his youth, his appearance---what is the fascination these people have with Obama. Could it be the fact that he is black and that most liberals have deep guilt feelings toward the way they perceive blacks were repressed in the past and see this as a opportunity to somehow right a wrong. Perhaps its all of these. I do feel a need to point out however, that if Barack were a conservative then none of these things would cause liberals to support or much less praise this man. So the bottom line is not his race, it is not his charm, it is not his academic standing, it is not his youth, it is not his appearance, it is his political ideology. True his liberalism is the overriding factor and his other attributes are just gravy for the elites and the academics. He is in effect, is everything rolled into one for those on the left. The tingle that Chris Matthews, and others of a like mind feel when they see and hear this man is no mystery, he represents all that they believe in. He is to put it bluntly, their god, in him they see a path to a new future and the prospect of the great society they have long envisioned. These, so-called progressives, do not like the America that has in most cases given them a great life, but favor the establishment of a new order in which the government will be the great equalizer and lift up the down-trodden (as they see them) in our society. They think that everyone has the same ambitions and drives that they have, and those that are left behind have only the a repressive government to blame. They see the existing form of government as the problem ---individuals, in their minds, are all eager for a better life. To them government, and only government has the ability to help those left behind. What the liberal cannot grasp, cannot understand is that the drive for success does not exist in everyone. Some are content with their positions, but others feel that they are owed something---sadly, many fit into the category. They people are ripe pickings for the progressives; who with their misguided beliefs, think they can actually help. There is a common bond between these two groups---one who feels the are owed something and the other who feels they owe them something. The sad fact is that neither can, in the end be satisfied. Utopia is a wonderful dream, but a rational man will recognize it for what it is ---just a dream. The drive for perfection is often a good thing, but the act of taking from one to give to another will in the end destroy the prosperity of all.
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