Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blair House Shoot Out!

I missed the first part of the great summit today and started watching just as McCain leveled a blast at the special deals carved out to gain support for this monstrosity, the "Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and others" and the complete lack of transparency in the process. Obama came back with---"the election is over" we are hear not to talk about that but to see how we can go forward. Barack Obama accused McCain of being in election mode when he, himself has never stopped campaigning since he took office. I would contend we can go forward by trashing this 2000+ page of crap filled with special interest carve outs and began from scratch---that's the way to go forward Mr Obama and you know it!

At one point Mr. Obama was reminded by one of the Republicans at the summit that the Democrats had been speaking for about 50 minutes when his side had only had the floor for about only 25 minutes. The president responded that was because he ran overtime, and again reminded us that he was the president. I suppose he feels that gives him the right to break the rules set before the meeting ---Yep, Barack you are above the fray although you sided with the Democrats on every issue and were certainly not a neutral arbitrator as you would have liked the audience to believe. One thing for sure Mr. President, for every minute you run your mouth that's a minute less you have left in office. You sir are an arrogant jerk!


Mike aka Proof said...

Can't argue with any of that!

Right Truth said...

All the president did was whine and moan.

Right Truth

Barking Spider said...

He shows himself up for the commie dictator he would like to be more and more every day, Ron, what a twat!

Always On Watch said...

The president responded that was because he ran overtime, and again reminded us that he was the president.

Damn. BHO just loves to "remind us" that he's President.

As if we need any such reminder!

Damned elitist.

PatriotUSA said...

An arrogant and ignorant bastard is what he is. The community activist, elected POTUS and he wants to be the head Czar. It is always about him, his plans to ruin this country and push us into the cesspool that Europe has become. A complete and total asshat

TexasFred said...

Yesterday, the GOP lawmakers that attended the ObamaCare debacle wasted their time. The media that provided a constant stream of said debacle wasted their time, and any American that sat through this debacle wasted 7 1/2 hours of valuable life that they will NEVER get back!

Obama: Take it or I'll shove it up your ass..

That's a lot of bipartisanship huh??

John Carey said...

The President did not help his cause yesterday with his arrogant snide remarks. He looked extremely petty everytime he opened his mouth. Bad day for the Dems!

MathewK said...

I hope people are watching and preparing to toss that asshole out of office.

"...again reminded us that he was the president."

Yeah, as if anyone missed that, what an arrogant ass.

Bill Smith said...

Healthcare Summit: The Talk Clock

DEMOCRATS (Including President Obama): 233 MINUTES OR NEARLY 4 HOURS

Even with the Democrat taking the time advantage and POTUS' constant interruptions, the Republicans out shot the Dems at the "Blair House shootout!"

Unfortunately, Obama made as much of a mess of this shootout as happened at the famous OK Corral in 1881. History vindicated the Earps & Holiday. Let's hope the same occurs for the valiant stand of the Republicans who took a stand at "Blair House shootout!"

Unknown said...

This is the second time that Obama has made a reference to people being in campaign mode. He told congress at his SOTU address that perpetual campaigning had to end, he then went to New Hampshire to campaign for healthcare and followed that up with a campaign stop for Harry Reid. This man has some nerve telling others to stop campaigning when he has naver stopped.

Snarky Basterd said...

I watched the entire thing at For every democrat sob story the pubbies put forth competent ideas for fixing what's really wrong with healthcare in this country. Watching Obama stew, and then talk longer than anyone else as a result, was perfect. He and the zombiecrats really showed America just how foolish they all are.

Teresa said...

You've hit the nail on the head! Obama is a narcissist ommie.