Friday, February 12, 2010

Security Guards Only Watch As 15 Year Old Girl Beaten

A sign of the times. Recently three, get that three security guards at a Seattle Bus Tunnel watched as a 15 year old girl is beaten and robbed. What were these 3 guards thinking? Were they afraid or just didn't give a damn. I think both! What are these people paid for! They are as useless as tits on a boar hog, one without balls. These guards need to be fired.

The Metro Transit General Manager said that guards were instructed to only observe and report. If that's the case replace them with security cameras and save thousands of dollars each day. This is just another case of a governmental agency doing a poor job at serving the people who paid their salaries. These people do not care about the public, their only concern is their next pay check that comes with the cushy job they hold and the very generous retirement benefits they will get after 20 years of service for doing nothing when they are needed.
Security Guards Watch as Girl, 15, Beaten in Seattle Metro Bus Tunnel

Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening.

Security video shows the guards call for help on their radios, but they don't go to the aid of the girl even as she is being kicked in the head.

A dispute involving a group of 10 teens apparently started inside a department store the evening of Jan. 28 and moved to the bus tunnel at Westlake Station, where the girl was attacked.

The King County sheriff's office tells KING-TV four suspects, ages 15 to 20, have been arrested in the investigation.

Metro Transit General Manager says it's revising its policy that guards only "observe and report" problems. FOX News


hbl said...

I saw that, too. I wonder if the guards are in a union? SEIU or AFSCME maybe?

Barking Spider said...

Sounds like a normal day in Labour's Britain, Ron, coming soon to a town near you, courtesy of Obama!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Good Lord...what is going on in our country my friend?

Right Truth said...

What's the point of having them if they are not going to DO anything. Oh, hbl and Barking Spider figured it out, SEIU or ACORN.

Right Truth

Teresa said...

Has this country become like the
OK Corral gunfight? Complete chaos? The imitation police need to be fired. The company's Orwellian nonsensical policies must change. It is highly disturbing that the officers chose just to stay and watch, instead of helping the girl getting ambushed.

Snarky Basterd said...

I heard today that their contract says they're not supposed to get involved; they're just supposed to observe and report.

Screw that. That kid could've died. You grab that bitch and you lock her arms behind her back and you hold her until the police arrive.

Those guys deserve to be fired. With "security" like that, every last human should be carrying a handgun.

TexasFred said...

The Metro Transit General Manager said that guards were instructed to only observe and report.
I guess they were following orders...

If that's the case replace them with security cameras and save thousands of dollars each day.
Agreed, why have a dog if you are gonna restrain him from biting the bad guys?

Dymphna said...

I know some security guards in a hospital who have no authority at all. The hospital decided it couldn't afford the insurance for the kind who are trained to effectively stop those kinds of bash-'n-dash situations.

So what the bus co manager is not admitting is that they didn't/couldn't pay for the liability.

Was that the manager or a city official trying to quickly say that "this doesn't happen in Seattle", only to hastily paper it over as he realized how inane that sounded?

A larger issue is the fact that these "guards" (more like UN Peacekeepers) make by-standers who might normally try to interfere hang back. THEY don't know the guards can't do anything. In fact, having impotent guards makes the situation more dangerous. Did you notice that one guard seemed to be having a hard time going against his normal instincts...his body language was obvious.

Also obvious is that the kids knew the guards couldn't lay a hand on them. In fact, they'd be collecting hefty settlements from the company that hires the guards AND the bus company (or city) had any of them responded normally.

Ron, you might want to consider posting on this as a kind of terrorist problem -- which is what gangs are. Here's a City Journal essay:

The Surge Comes to Salinas

What makes the essay so good is that they take into account the problems inherent in using military solutions for a civilian population. Many of our police SWAT teams lean way too far in that direction already and some of their mistakes have been deadly and tragic.

On the other hand...well, see how they're planning to handle it in Salinas. Won't ever use those tactics in Seattle, of course. Those things don't happen in Seattle.

Ron Russell said...

Dymphna, you make a good point and this is certainly domestic terrorism. I read the article on "Surge Comes to Salinas"--great article. I recall the John Steinbeck novel about Salinas,"East of Eden" later made into the movie with James Dean. Didn't know that CA town was having such problems, but then considering the illegal immigration in that state its not at all surprising.

Amusing Bunni said...

Why even bother having the lazy bums around then. THey were standing there gaping and looking like they were enjoying the fight. This world has gone to hell, that's for sure. I hope the girl's parents sue everyone involved, and that thug b*tch stays in jail a long time.

PatriotUSA said...

Ron, Dymphna is correct. This is domestic terrorism. No different than when one kid on Paris bus was beaten and robben by several asian(muslim) youths and no one lifted a finger until late into the fight.
What we called a one sided jumping or fight in our youth has now escalated to this: Dometsic terrorism. I am ashamed for my country when I see these types of things. Those punks should have had their asses handed to them.

Unknown said...

It is a sign of the times. if they had tried to stop this crime I am sure someone would have claimed they used too much force and they would have been sued.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

These people are beneath contempt. How can anyone, anyone at all, just stand there while this happens? I don't care what your contract says, if you see someone being beaten, you stop it! Period.

Aren't there good Samaritan laws that can be enforced?

Unknown said...

Okay let's say they can not get physically involved. They could yell stop it or call for help. Just standing they should be fired, and have charges pressed.

MathewK said...

Barking spider is right, it's also like a normal day in labor run australia too.

What i found amazing as well was that no one else came to the aid of the girl, apart from the guards. We as a society have become cowards and weasels.

If this is what we're facing give us all guns and the authorities and lawyers can shove off, we'll sort it out amongst ourselves.

Always On Watch said...


I think that such standing by on the part of so-called security guards happens more often than we hear about.