Sunday, February 7, 2010

SIOA, Facebook, Censorship, Political Correctness and Islam. A MUST READ.

This is a shocking story just posted by my friend at Patriots Corner about certain counter jihadists being removed from facebook. Go to link at bottom of this excerpt to get full story.

Recently Facebook removed the accounts of the following counter jihadists in a move that reflects the mindset of dhimmitude and allowing one side to continue(Islam and Islamofacists) while censoring the counter jihadists. Here are the groups, individuals who had their accounts cancelled: Anders Gravers, Stephen Gash, and Harald Andersen of SIOE and SIAD (Denmark), Organizers of Stop Islamization of Bulgaria (Pavel Chernov), and Stop Islamization of America (Kendra) also had their personal Facebook accounts removed. I will post any and every article that these individuals publish, on Facebook. This is nothing more than caving in to political correctness, possibile 'subtle' pressure from the trolls within the Obama administration, fear of allowing anything being critical of Islam, Muslims or shariah law. Please feel free to repost this or go to SIOA site and support them. I have posted the entire article here by D.L. Adams. We are at war with Islam, their march to force their brand of perverse ideology and shariah law upon the upon the free world.

As I post alot of links to articles, editorials about Islam and islamofacism on Facebook, it would not surprise me to have my account get the boot, and that of many others as well. This is a long post but I hope you will read all of it and support SIOA and those of us standing up to Islam, shariah law and jihadist.
A Facebook Controversary

D.L. Adams

In the internet world of social networking Facebook is the premier platform. Its reach is global and its user community numbers in the hundreds of millions. According to statistics about Facebook posted on Facebook’s own site there are 350 million users, 50% of whom log in on “any given day”. This means that at any given time there are likely at least 150 million people logged in on the site. Facebook has deeply affected the way that individuals and groups communicate and interact with one another.

Facebook’s rules are extensive and clearly listed on their “Statement of Rights” page. However there are terms used that are open to interpretation. Most specifically the nature of content posted on personal and group pages is open to scrutiny and judgment by Facebook staff; action taken by Facebook against its users sometimes appears arbitrary and harsh. Accounts are disabled or removed generally with no warning or explanation. Returning to the site and recovering one’s content can be difficult or impossible. For people with large “friends lists” or who use Facebook for professional purposes loss of their Facebook account can have unpleasant consequences. For many users especially those who access their accounts throughout the day via mobile device (blackberry, etc.) Facebook is an almost ubiquitous communications tool.

Many Facebook users express political views and opinions – often challenging and unpopular views. There are millions of pages dedicated to discussion of issues across the political and cultural spectrum. SIOA, SIOE and other like-minded groups as well as those holding opposing views use Facebook extensively to get their messages out. With a potential audience in the hundreds of millions the significance of Facebook to those who wish to spread knowledge and engage in direct discussion with interested people, often in real-time, the loss of a Facebook presence can be significant.

Several days ago, without warning or explanation, and in an apparently simultaneous action Facebook removed the personal accounts of Anders Gravers, Stephen Gash, and Harald Andersen of SIOE and SIAD (Denmark). Organizers of Stop Islamization of Bulgaria (Pavel Chernov), and Stop Islamization of America (Kendra) also had their personal Facebook accounts removed. As no explanation for these actions has been provided, one can only speculate as to the cause and purpose of these account removals.

While it is understood that Facebook is privately held and is not required to provide access the removal of SIOA/SIOE organizers’ personal accounts appears to demonstrate a particular opinion on the part of Facebook management, a certain bias against the message if the not the individuals themselves. Notably, the organizer of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) has long been banned from Facebook.

Facebook’s user guidelines regarding content can be interpreted in any number of ways. Simultaneous account removal of multiple users having a common viewpoint appears to demonstrate a negative bias relating to the philosophical and political positions espoused by the individuals mentioned above. Because almost every user of Facebook could be said to be in violation of one or more guidelines at any given time the removal of accounts of users with the same political positions must therefore be specific and targeted rather than arbitrary.

There are many controversial individuals and groups on Facebook including Islamists, supporters of terrorism, Nazis, and even terrorists themselves, etc. People having these views and worse remain on Facebook but those having anti-jihad perspectives apparently are now targets for account removal. How can this be explained? read full story


PatriotUSA said...

Looks great and thanks for the cross posting!


Teresa said...

Facebook is bowing to political correctness that has run amok. It is apparent that Facebook is anti-free speech by it quelching dissent from their political views. In fact, it seems that they are siding with the terrorists. Its really disturbing how these political correct whackos fight for terrorist rights while quelching Americans and other patriots rights across the globe. I will be doing an article on this. Who knows, I might be banned from Facebook after this article, too. I will repost this with linkbacks- May take a couple days, though.

Unknown said...

It's not just Facebook You Tube has done a lot of things like this. Great post Ron I'm going to use my Facebook to fight this crap

Always On Watch said...

Because defending Islam is impossible if one turns the words of the Koran back on Moslems spouting the line "Islam is a religion of peace," we're going to see more censorship like that cited in this posting.

I hope that what happened is not just the beginning of Facebook's censorship of those speaking out against jihad. But I fear that the opposite is true - that Facebook will shut down other anti-jihadists too.

A matter of my own curiosity: Did Facebook cite a violation of terms of service in canceling the accounts?

Matt said...

We have to remember that a small but vocal minority can make a big difference. I wonder if there are some pro-sharia folks behind the scenes here.

Right Truth said...

Stop Islamization of America (Kendra) is an amazing site. I read an article somewhere that said FaceBook would fizzle out within the next couple of years. Whether that's true or not, something else will take it's place and will probably be just as PC. Nice article but very sorry to hear FaceBook submitting to the enemy like this.

Right Truth

Dolley said...

I will keep posting until they remove me! Political correctness caused the death of those soldiers at Fort Hood and I will speak the truth to my dying breath. Great post, sir!

TexasFred said...

Facebook dumped one of my groups, Children of the Confederacy.

There were NO racist postings, just a bunch of folks that professed their Southern Heritage...

F*CK Facebook AND their PCness...

It's OK with Facebook to be a Muslim homicide bomber, a pedophile, a F*CK THE TROOPS asshole, but it's not cool to be proud of your SOUTHERN Heritage...

I guess the SOBs missed the part where we actually had several BLACK members too...

PatriotUSA said...

Ron and all,
Thank you for your support. I have contacted SIOA to see if thery were
cited with a violation of terms. Once I hear back from them I will post the answer here and on
Patriot's Corner.

In regard to Islam:
To stay silent and be still
equals death against Islam.

There is no peace within Islam,
and with Islam there can never
be peace.

PatriotUSA said...

To all concerned:

Here is the answer I got from Kendra at SIOA on Always on Watch's
question that was asked earlier.

There was no warning at all, as DL’s article states. We just signed in last Thursday, and saw our accounts were all disabled.

I wonder if the idea that a warning would have made this valid avoids the point. If I had been warned, the same issues would still be in place.

So there you have it. Seems
FB is playing it close to the
vest. Be very interesting to
keep watching and see if
others are banned that are part
of the Counter Jihad movement.

Ayrdale said...

Excellent posting Ron.

One of the most influential posters in the UK re Islamisation of Europe is Cranmer. He is often red hot, incandescant almost and possibly an essential link...

Maggie Thornton said...

Ron, just noticed somewhere on a blog that a cleric has issued a fatwa against Facebook, and no Muslims are to use. Maybe it was a joke because the original fatwa was supposedly posted on Twitter:-) I took it as real info, however.

I have seen so many hateful things on Facebook. This is very sad. Very sorry to hear about it for these brave bloggers.

christian soldier said...

Putting all of our 'eggs in one basket' ie:--the nether world of computers and all that they can provide... is - in my opinion- not a good idea...
the great movie - The Book of ELI - comes to mind-I recommend that everyone see it...and practice - now and then - handwriting- just in case :-)

MathewK said...

Amazing isn't it, unfortunately this is the western world, we'll have to sacrifice and sell out far more before we will be rallied to send fire and death the way of those who want to dominate over us.

Clint said...

We shouldn't be surprised. In a time when Obama preaches things like "tranparency" and "openness" we see something like this happen on our social networking sites.
To answer Matt's question, the "pro sharia folks" is our very own president.
PC has completely dominated our modern day culture thanks to progressives.