Saturday, July 25, 2009

Radicalism of Barack Hussein Obama

The longer President Obama is in office the more he shows, not the moderation he campaigned on, but his true political ideology and that is one who believes in those of doctrines championed by the far left. Sadly it does not stop there, he is now revealing the black radicalism that is embedded in his character. When he campaigned he was the one who would bring an open administration into Washington and stated he would reach out to those on the right and be a president for all Americans. He has already failed here. And as the truths are revealed about him, gradually he is discarding the mask hiding his true identity. All of the programs he is seeking to force on the American people center more and more power with a vastly expanding federal government with greater power invested in the executive branch, with fewer and fewer over-sights given to Congress---enter the Tsars! When traveling abroad he uses every opportunity to trash America and his apologies to foreign governments, for what he sees as America's past transgressions, are breath-taking. He seems to see America as the Iranian leaders do---the great Satan. Yes, he is part of the lefts "blame America" crowd. He seeks to befriend Americas enemies while pushing away our friends---Israel and Honduras to name but two. At every turn he is weakening the foundations of a strong America--whether his actions are deliberate or unintentional is not important, the result will be the same. He is driving a knife into the very heart of the American economy, with his Keynesian economics---economics that have failed or produced few positive results anywhere in the world. His action toward fast moving events on the international scene are slow and indecisive, unless those events are threatening leftist regimes such as in Honduras---where he moved quickly in an attempt to re-install a would-be leftest dictator. I use to think, this ignorant fool was indecisive, but have come to realize all of his actions are governed by his extreme leftest ideology. And they are calculating. Recently, he condemned police for their action against a black college professor siteing past grievances. He never waited for the evidence to develop in this case, because he had a preconceived opinions on this case. Yes, he is also part of the blame whitey black community and his action in this case show his true position on race relations in this country. He is in the same group as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the only difference being his has far greater power to act on his beliefs. There is little doubt in my mind that this man is a black racist of the worst kind despite his lofty rhetoric on race relations. With professor Harry Gates, he thought he could slip by, but the truth came out and the story was getting out of control. So the professor was abandon and thrown under the bus just as Reverend Wright was before him. When he friends are exposed he dumps them so that the masses in this country will not see the real face behind the mask he wears. Well the mask is wearing thin and glimpses of the true radical, the real racist are being exposed and soon many will see his true identity.

by Ron Russell


shirley said...

A lot of people have been awakened by the events happening over the past year. I woke up about the time of the conventions. Hadn't paid much attention until then. I did not vote for, nor did I ever consider voting for, the man in the white house. (wondering when he'll change its color?) But I wish I had woke up sooner to campaign AGAINST him. I listened to talk radio all day long last fall. People were warned not to believe this man. But they did. Honestly, the day after the election I could not figure out why people were acting normal, it seemed like my world had ended.

But now that he's showing his true identity to everyone, I see hope. But it is something that we need to fight for. And it should be a lesson to all of us to be ever-vigilant.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day, America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas, a U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I think that you hit the nail on the head. Barack Obama is an extreme leftist and as more time goes by he is hiding it less and less. People who voted for him because they thought he would govern to the center have got to be questioning their vote right about now.It will be interesting to see if he moves to the center just before re-election, if he does will the people fall for it again?

Timothy Butcher said...

You are right, the truth is coming out. This past week another side of the anointed one came to full bloom; The Racist. His disdain for the country is appalling.

hbl said...

As a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Obama did what he had to do to win the election: the use of soaring rhetoric, platitudes and generalities. Anything to motivate the Have-Nots and avoid frightening the middle-class. Now that he is in, he will attempt to achieve his real agenda. Nothing that went before applies _except_ to motivate the Have-Nots and avoid frightening the middle-class.