Thursday, August 5, 2010


Abusive taxes are being leveled on all of us and some minority groups in particular, such as smoker and drinkers. It is relevant to all of us in that we all can be singled out for such abuse. The soda drinker, the big car driver, and the list will continue to expand as political leaders seek more and more tax revenues for their socialist agendas all in the name of public safety and public health. Things are quickly spinning out of control and the smokers and alcohol uses are now the most abused and are a sign of what coming to us all. If this minority can be so abused then no one is safe from a out-of-control government. One cannot sit back and say, "I don't smoke or use alcohol so why should I worry about those who do". You should worry, you should care, because the things you do, the life you value, those things will be next.

These people who are elected by the voters in their respective states are all pawns of special interest and the votes they cast, the laws they pass are intended to help those special groups. Sadly, the only way these politicians will listen to what you have to say is to organize and as a group present your issues to them. As an individual voter you are powerless. I know many will tell you that the single voter is important---that's a lie, a myth and spoken by those who don't understand the political system or else those who do understand it and want to keep you under their control.

The purpose of this post is to begin a movement, a movement by the most discriminated against groups in America (those who use tobacco and alcohol products) and strangely one of the largest. Something is wrong with this picture, a large group that has no power, no agenda and no leaders. A group being led to the slaughter, a spineless herd of wimps. I include myself in this group for I too, have been silent for far too long. Napoleon once said, "Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent". I'm no writer, I'm no orator, I am however, sick of being silent. I want to be one of those ten who make noise, I want to be one of the first hundred, and then one of the thousands and finally one of the millions that will rally for justice and fairness and stop this abuse of excessive taxes on what is a huge and potentially powerful minority. If you fail to speak, if you fail to stand and be heard, then you deserve to remain under the foot of a repressive government, a government that will dig deeper and deeper into your pocket in the name of public health. Its your decision to smoke, its your decision to have a beer on the weekend. Your rights are being taken by the politicians in the state houses and in the halls of congress by the very people who have been sworn to protect then. Now is the time, this is the moment, this is the beginning.

The fight will be long but the victory will be long-lasting. The victory will not be just for those who use tobacco or alcohol, but will be a victory for all who value freedom and liberty. The freedom to do as you please in your home, without the government attempting to regulate your life-style in the name of public health or public safety. Don't feel bad the government is now attempting to regulate the auto industry and tell us what kind of cars to drive, and what foods to eat all in the name of public health and public safety. This is a smoke screen, a ploy by those in power, by those who seek more and more control over your life. By corrupt leaders who have special interest with voices louder than yours, by politicians who want to take from you and give to others. Let the ground swell against big intrusive government begin here, for here we have a great minority who hasn't been heard up until now. Your voices can be loud, very loud and when the great chorus goes up the politicians they will take notice. Link to this blog and others like it and encourage others to join. I want nothing from this effort, except to bring about some sanity in government and to restore those rights that have been so unjustly taken away. Please join me in this effort.
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